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Sunset Explosion

12 Dec

As we drove home tonight my friend gasped and said:  “Look at the beauty in that golden sunset!”

But all I could see was the napalm glare, then came the smell of the chemical, then the heat from crackling flames.

And all I could hear was the deep, painful cry of the wounded and tortured earth.

And in my mind I walked again through the agonies of hell.

And I wept for the beauty of a sunset’s gift.

And I cried for my friends who could not see it.

In my heart I am grateful for what I see.
In my mind I know searing pain and unrelenting grief.

If only my mind and my heart could embrace and look out upon the world together.

Life Reminders

6 Dec

Some life reminders for Second Graders at a local elementary school where I volunteer   Works for adults, too  A30697EC-67B0-4A96-906E-E12ABD7B381A.jpeg

Visions of Advent

2 Dec


Welcome to Advent!  Watching.  Waiting.  Hoping.  Expecting.  Be refreshed in the Spirit.  Welcome to Advent!