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Just A Reminder

29 Jun

This morning while walking in our local state park,
I thought of good friends for whom each day
is very dark because of serious, lingering illness.
And I thought of others who live temporarily
in the blackness of grief or mourning.  And
then I thought of you, because for you,
all of us, some days seem heavier and
darker than others.  Life is certainly like

So, I want you to see the hope in this
photograph.  Sit with it for a little while,
especially if today is one of those days.
Light does come.  In fact, it never leaves.
Sometimes we just can’t see it, but it’s

Take courage in dark days.  Be grateful
for the Light, the Presence, the Sacred
Holiness.  Name it what you will.  Light
is eternally stronger than the dark. We
are not alone.

My Fickle Friend

23 Jun

The other day my wife asked me “have you posted anything recently on your blog site?”
I thought for a moment.  “Clog bite?  What’s that?”   She repeated the question in a different tone of voice.  I understood.

Well, I haven’t.  Been busy.  Traveling here and there.  Lots on my plate right now.
Did I forget about the site?  Absurd!  Ridiculous!  So I offer this today…

Memory is a fickle friend.
I knew someday we’d part, the end.
But I’m not ready yet to say
“Goodbye, my friend, you go your way
and I will walk my path alone,”
without my friend who’s always known
the answer when my wife inquires
about the length of chicken wire
it take to keep the rabbits out —
“of what?” I asked:  she looked about
and pointed to the garden plot
on which I’d labored quite a lot.
“My garden, dear.  You do recall?
Just yesterday you said:  “By Fall
these plants will bloom and be so tall
unless the rabbits eat them all.”
“Oh, yesterday.  Of course, my dear.
Just got confused, no need to fear.”
Memory is a fickle friend.
I knew someday we’d part, the end.
But, truth be told, I have to say
I won’t remember, anyway.
I’ll change my long-established habits
and blame it all on those damn rabbits!

If the shoe fits….