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What’s On Your Plate?

30 Apr


Interesting question since I meet so many people who are

searching for bigger plates.  “There’s so much to do!”

Not a bad idea to examine the plate you have very carefully.

Of the things on your plate for today, do they:

Nourish you?  Feed your mind with healthy nutrients?

                                          Deepen your faith?  Keep you on His pathway?

Make your neighborhood or your world better?

Give you joy?

If there is anything on the plate that doesn’t serve one of those

purposes, scrape it off into the garbage bin.

Each morning examine your plate for the day and discard

anything that doesn’t have the potential of making you a better

                                                 person and the world a better place.

You really don’t need a bigger plate, do you?

And, by the way, don’t blame the menu.


Please, God

25 Apr

I asked God to guide my thoughts.
I designed a way to get even with my neighbor.

I prayed that God would make my words helpful and kind.
I cursed the grocery bagger for dropping my eggs.

“God, show me the path this day.”
I set my own way when profitable opportunity appeared.

I asked God to make my hands beneficial blessings for everyone.
I shook my fist at the idiot who cut in front of me in busy traffic.

I prayed for peace.
I created conflict.

I said the right words.
I prayed at my designated time.
I even got on my knees.
My hands were folded.

So, what’s the deal?


For This Day

23 Apr

May I walk with integrity
wherever I go.

May I see you in all creation.

May I be a mirror of your love
to all I meet.

May I reflect the freedom of your truth
and live as a beneficial presence
in the world.

In the morning I offer myself to you
in prayer,

By night I surrender to you in trust.

O, that I might walk in the Light
with a grateful heart,
and radiate peace to the world.


verses from Psalm 101 in Psalms For Praying, Nan Merrill

But I Know Where He Lives

20 Apr

Now, let me make sure I understand.
We had this wonderful, well-thought plan,
all worked out to the last detail.
We all agreed it couldn’t fail.
And now you’re saying the man’s not there?
That rock-hewn tomb is completely bare?
Do you take me for a fool?

Perhaps you partied too much last night.
You’ve imagined all this, a death-filled flight
from a rock-sealed, guarded, granite grave?
But wait, I see.  A ransom you crave.
You’ve the nerve to come here and say to me
that he’s gone, escaped, been set free.
If so, you’re the next to die.

Get out!  Search the streets and find this man!
Go spread the alarm across the land.
This Jesus, the one they call the King,
will feel the pain of this scorpion’s string!
Pray hard, my friend, that you find this Jew,
for your fate, and that of your fumbling crew,
hangs in the balance here.

But who could have rolled that stone away?
The strength required!  It was there to stay!
Perhaps this God they talk about
who, by the way, I sincerely doubt,
has power and strength to raise the dead?
Could it be true?  All that they said?
I’ll think on that awhile.

The days went by but he was not found.
For sure, no longer in the ground.
Then reports began to filter in:
he preached last night at the village inn.
He was here, then there, and all around
teaching of love.  A King with no crown.
Alive, and changing the world.

This story’s been told forever, I think.
Time goes so fast.  Just like a blink.
It seems like only yesterday
when I heard that foolish man grovel and say:
We’ve searched high and low and all around.
This Jesus is nowhere to be found.
Ah, but I know where he lives.

In the hearts of all who seek His way.

Notre Dame

16 Apr

Le Reine de Paris est parti
Le monde pleure

If only tears could extinguish the
horrible yellow flames.

A sacred place of solace and celebration
for 800 years, she writhes in pain,
her walls quivering from the furnace
of heat.  Even in her agony she glows.

A jagged emptiness in the sacred tapestry
of life now exists.  A essential piece of
of the fabric has been torn away.  Saints
bow their heads in grief, angels watch in
numb silence.  Heaven mourns.

On the streets of Paris, people gather in
speechless reverence, hands raised to
the glowing night sky, a benediction of
blessing as embers disappear into the darkness.

Cendres aux cendres
La poussiere a la poussiere

But no tomb can hold her.
Easter will come.

Metaphorizing On Monday

15 Apr



I live in a world that is sometimes out of focus.
In that world, I seek clarity and insight.

I am surrounded by the good wishes and prayers of
so many.  Family, friends, faith followers.
I am blessed and thankful.

  Thorns cannot overcome the desire to open myself to life.
Gifts given are meant to be shared.
Obstacles are irrelevant.

All of life is contained in a single drop of water.
I see my reflection and I know
we are one.

Soon the bud will open.
It will be glorious.
New life.  Birth.  Resurrection.
Buds open around me all the time.
Please, God, that I may see them
and be amazed.

Light calls birth into being.
Light shines in empty tombs.
Nothing overcomes Light.

Good News Day

8 Apr

Today will be a Good News Day,

I feel it in the air.

I don’t know how or where or when

but I intend to dare

to see some good in everyone,

extend a hand of care

to those who find the going rough,

whose load is hard to bear.

Today will be a Give Thanks Day

for all to see and hear.

My friends, the earth, a Sacred Love;

it is so very clear

that I receive amazing gifts,

each fills my heart with cheer.

I am a man who’s truly blessed

and grateful to be here.


Just now a gentle morning breeze

moves through the waking woods

and sings a lovely melody

“All life is very good!”

I feel the song move through my heart,

the meaning’s understood,

today, and each amazing day,

is meant for servanthood.



Very Disturbing

1 Apr

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.”
The audacity!  The arrogance!

That’s what I read
and that’s what I thought
when I pulled up behind the
car at a stop sign.

There it was for the whole world to see!
The driver of that car was “disturbed” because
my faith is lacking?  He knows?
Why would someone put that license plate
holder on their car?  Why advertise

But I know the sad answer to my question.
It’s because the world is populated by
folks who judge themselves superior and
don’t mind telling you so,
who pass judgement on the basis
of their standards, the litmus marks
of right/wrong, good/bad, faithful/lack of faith.

So, I’m having a special license plate holder made with
the following inscription:
“I am disturbed by your being disturbed
by what you assume to be the
quality of my faith,
which you know nothing about.”

So there!
It’s going to be a big license plate holder.
Now I’ve got to find that guy.