Archive | March, 2023

Surprise Me, God

21 Mar

Lord, make me an instrument of your love:
how about a tuba that sets the beat
and helps the other instruments make music?

Make me a light that shines in the darkness:
a torch that burns hour after hour,
not a skyrocket that explodes and is gone.

Give me wings so that I can soar in Spirit Wind:
maybe a sparrow, please. I know you love all
that is common. But, not an eagle. Too aloof.

Make me a river of your mercy and love:
one with lots of rivulets running off in all directions
with fresh, sweet water. Do you think we need
another stagnant pond?

But, Lord, at your pleasure and for your name’s sake:
make me the me you want me to be for today.
I don’t doubt that you know better than I do
what’s needed in the garden of your hand.

Or, and here’s a thought: a wild flower waving
along the highway, not another potted plant
in the outdoor section of Home Depot.

Surprise me, God. You’re good at that.

And, thank you.

Balancing Act

12 Mar

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a few potholes in the streets of beautiful Tucson. Maybe more than a few. And if you fall into one of them, even at normal speed, you may be scheduling a visit to the tire dealer, one that has an alignment machine. When tires are out of alignment and balance, you know about it. You can’t drive that Lamborghini if there’s a problem with these two important features. Works the same way with life. A life out of balance or mis-aligned is destined for some bumpy travels day by day. I think balance is finding a reasonable mid-point, a centering that encourages understanding, patience, and tolerance. In this out of balance world, we seem more interested in putting up barriers and obstacles than working toward common understanding, common goals. It’s the same with alignment. If the tires on your car are not aligned, each will want to take its own heading. To align those tires means they are pointed in the same direction, calibrated to roll smoothly. No shudder in the front end. No vibrating steering wheel. In life, I recommend alignment along with balance, and I have a particular Specialist in mind. He knows how to take a shaky life and smooth it out. He’s had a lot of experience in correcting wobbly lives. He knows all about the potholes. A warranty for his work? Guaranteed. I’ve got His number if you need it. So, drive safely. And live abundantly.