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May All Who Wait

29 Aug



May all who are waiting find joy in Morning’s appearing.

Birds poised to fling their songs into the quiet air.

Lizards calculating the warm ray’s trajectory
to the stone fence.

Buds containing explosions of yellow and red
never before seen in the universe.

The dying who pray for a bright
stairway to rest.

The broken hearted hoping for the healing
adhesive of Light to make them whole again.

All who are hungry or homeless, hoping that some
compassionate person will follow Light’s leading
to their desperation.

May all who are waiting find joy in Morning’s appearing.



A Cactus Lesson

17 Aug

Here’s an example of Generosity. In fact, this probably qualifies as Lavish Generosity.

Or Abundant Generosity. Or Unselfish G… Or Bountiful G… Just a few more:

Copious… Abounding… Bounteous… Overflowing… Exuberant… Luxuriant…

Plenteous… Now substitute these words for Generosity.






You finish the lists with your own words. Then, when finished, translate the words into what you do today. Pick one and take it into your world. You and the world will be better for it.

The Least Expected Place

16 Aug


Beautiful flowers grow from a boulder’s jagged crevice, from cracks in city streets, the least expected places…even from a barrel cactus draped in sharp fishhook spikes.  Beauty has the strength and apparent determination to appear and thrive no matter what the circumstances might be.  So may I experience Beauty today in all the unfolding moments that await the dawn.  May I find her in the least expected place.


16 Aug

Sometimes it seems like yesterday
collided with today.
Yet in my mind I know it’s true,
the only thing to say
is life has passed so quickly by,
the march does not delay.

A blink, a wink, the pages turn,
the epilogue’s in sight
and I am somewhat overwhelmed
to know that I just might
live well into my 100th year,
a dubious delight.

And so when morning dawns again
the numbers will portray
the reason why, I do not lie,
I take my green pill tray,
chug down all six delicious bits,
fling wide the door and shout



Early Morning

13 Aug


The black metal chair on the patio, the one with the tan cushion, is still cool from the fresh night air.  Feels like hints of cooling weather are appearing cautiously.  It’s quiet as I set the keyboard on my lap, adjust the iPad on a small table, the home of small cactus plants and a ceramic rabbit who is smiling at me.

On the iPad screen a news headline pops up announcing another political conflict.  Ignore it, at least for the moment.  It will be there an hour from now.  Dove songs pull me away from news bulletins and escort me back to red crepe myrtle blossoms and lush greenish-gray succulents in a bright blue pot.  It is a very pleasant moment.  As I begin to think about what to write this morning, a large gray dove makes a two-point landing to my left onto the concrete patio.  She slides to a stop about ten feet from her destination — a plastic dish filled with cool water.  Then she sees me.  Even though I am perfectly still, she knows a foreigner when she sees one.  Her eyes, dark black spots in that lovely soft gray body, watch me intently.  She wants the water, not a moment with me.  After almost of minute of the staring contest, she turns and walks away, as if to prepare for takeoff.  But, thirst wins.  Back she comes, very slowly, watching me as she walks.  Another pause, then up she jumps onto the edge of the plastic bowl.  I’m frozen in place, hardly breathing.  She is scared, but thirsty.  We are both staring at each other.  And then in an act of courage and desperation, she dips her beak into the water and drinks.  Then again.  And again.  Between the drinks, she looks at me, but convinced that I’m not charging after her, she seems to be willing to give up the eye contact in favor of the good water.

Thirst satisfied, she hops down onto the patio runway and flaps into the sky.  Maybe she will come back for another drink later.  But I do hope she will mention to her friends that in a remarkable moment this morning, she encountered a human who did not attempt to scare her away or harm her.  I choose to think she will do that, and that makes me happy.

The morning light is brighter now as the sun’s brilliance continues to light the sky.  Sounds have changed from an hour ago.  Now the quiet has given way to traffic noises.  Tires hum on warming asphalt, an occasional honk, even a distant train whistle all mean that we are on the way to another day.  Soon the cool air of morning will surrender to the hot sun and the black metal chair will be uncomfortably hot.  Birds will have finished their morning conversations.  Traffic noises will diminish as people sit down behind desks or do whatever they do until the bell rings and the traffic song begins again.

I’ll come out again tomorrow morning, early, and watch the humming birds chase each other, listen to the cooing doves, watch the little St. Francis statue in the garden move from shadow to full light as the earth spins and all her inhabitants come along for the ride.  I hope we are all bathed in light, illuminated, like the Little Friar.  And I hope tomorrow in the very early morning, more creatures will stop by.  We will have a nice conversation.

May It Be So

1 Aug

May all who wake this morning with sufficient
resources for the day
remember those who lack basic human necessities.

May truth be told,
lies be challenged,
patience be abundant,
forgiveness be given from
charitable hearts.

When the sun sets,
may I look back on the day
with humility, not self-indulgent pride;
may the things I have done
rise to the high standards of genuine
integrity and quality;
may something I have said
enhance the common good of us all;
and may I close the journal of
this day with a sense of
peace and gratitude.

May it be so.