Traveling To Bethlehem

24 Dec

Come, my love, the time draws near.
You’ll be fine.  Do not fear.
The donkey’s made this trip before.
He knows exactly what’s in store.
See how strong he looks.

Pay close attention, my long eared friend.
I trust your strength and will depend
on you to carry her tonight
to Bethlehem so that she might
give birth to our first child.

She’s young and scared of what’s to come,
so step with care, do not become
distracted by some sound or sight,
for on you rides this very night
a child of destiny.

So, come now Mary, mount your steed.
This regal animal will need
a pat or two before we go.
I’m sure the ride will clearly snow
how capable he is.

Step lightly, donkey.



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