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So, Who Is My Neighbor?

9 Jun

IMG_0284 (2)

But, who is my neighbor?

Next door?
Around the corner?
Next town?
Another state?
A different country?
(Choose one of the following)

“Neighbor” is about geographic location: the guy next door
“Neighbor” is a relationship: with somebody I know
“Neighbor” is holding something in common: like life
“Neighbor” is not limited to humanity: how about
a tree or an antelope or the earth under all
that concrete pavement?
“Neighbor” is a cosmic idea: the cells in my
body and the planets in the universe,
and the person walking toward
you in the grocery store.

Oh, go ahead and choose more than one.  In fact,
choose them all.

You have a good day, neighbor!


Prayer Wheels

4 Jun

May I feel the Breath of Life blowing
across the universe, spinning my
prayers into the farthest
corners of the sacred creation.
Like the wheel adorned with
words of blessing, may I turn
in the strong wind of the Spirit,
releasing showers of gifts upon
all who thirst for truth and
hunger for hope.

May the sky be filled with
offerings of healing and
wholeness and may they
rain down on this parched
planet.  Come, rise up Holy
Wind, fill the universes with
the whirring sounds of prayer
wheels singing to the stars.