Archive | May, 2021

Art Revealed

7 May

This didn’t happen yesterday.
Over many centuries, time and the living
planet produced splendid art. I am
thankful for wind and rain and all the
other features of the environment that have
worked together to reveal this
breathtaking wonder.
When the soil is stripped away,
this is the result. The very stones of
the earth demonstrate the glory of creation.
When the soil is removed, the foundational
structure of our planet home is made
visible. To those who have eyes to see
beyond mere rocks to magnificent
reality, the only possible utterance is
Thank You!


1 May

Sometimes it’s really hard to be a good neighbor!
The bird next door sticks his beak into my
business, won’t tidy up the seed husks he
drops everywhere. He even tries to take
what doesn’t belong to him…like the seeds in
MY feeder. Some neighbor!

He went one feather too far yesterday and
we ended up beak to beak. It wasn’t pleasant
and I’m not proud of that moment, but he’s
got to live by our neighborhood bird covenants.
Right? Don’t you agree?

When he measures up to my standards,
I’ll consider being his friend and sharing my
seeds. Just after we’d gone beak to beak,
a human creature sat under that umbrella and
read from a book: “Love your neighbor as yourself”
“Share what you have with those in need”

Those creatures have some strange ideas.
Do you think those notions would ever work?