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Sacred Home

24 Apr

Home is a place of sacred rest
where love resides, not as a guest
but as the source of joy and peace,
an anchor set to hold steadfast
until the storms give way, at last,
and all the turmoils cease.

So may our home this day provide
a haven where true love abides,
a shelter from all pain and fear,
a strength against the darkest hour,
a certainty that God’s great power
will never disappear.

My Hope

19 Apr

I wake hopeful as this day begins,
but I am not the source of my hope.

My hope comes, as gift and loving act,
from the Mind and Heart that conceives
and constructs molecules and mountains,
mysteries and moments of deep knowing.

I will walk through this day alone yet accompanied.
My song will come from a depth I do not understand,
but I will sing, nonetheless, for the melody is
compelling, irresistibly welcome in earth pain
and human pleasure.

When the sun settles on the western mountains,
I will watch the soft rain feed the grassland and
I will ask of the day — did I live kindly with
those around me?  Did I accomplish something
today that counts for good?

And, having examined the experience of the day,
I will step momentarily into the gentle rain,
lift my hands and face to the sky and whisper
”thank you” to the Sacred Breath, my hope for
days to come.

I Do Declare

18 Apr

Light is slowly seeping through heavy
morning clouds…arriving,
on the way…and I
have nothing to do with it.

To live kindly, justly, mercifully
is to announce
the reality of God.

The coffee I drink as the morning
sun crowns the distant mountain
is from many hands
in many places.
I receive many things
from many people

Honesty is not the best policy,
it is the only policy.

As the day unfolds, I will have
several opportunities to be
kind and do good.
I plan to watch
for them.

Gratitude is a way of life that
opens the door to
Sacred Mystery.
I will listen today
for the voice
that says:
”Come through.”

I do declare these things to be true.

Foolish Advice

17 Apr

Last week I asked my friend
to give me some advice
about a pretty serious problem
I’m facing.  He answered with
the following foolishness:

Be hopeful even when
circumstances seem impossible.

Draw a bottom line of principle
and don’t cross it.

Look first for the good in another
person instead of picking at her

Do good for the benefit of
someone else, not for your
own benefit.

Trust the persistent inner
voice of your intuition.

And then my friend said:

Don’t be afraid to love
even if you appear to lose.

If you ask me, all of that sounds
like he’s talking about religious
faith, don’t you think?  But we
all know that faith is utter

(Reflection on 1Corinthians 1:18)

Good Morning, God

14 Apr


Good morning, God.
I’m planning to get up in a few minutes
but before I do, I’d like to tell you
about some thoughts running around
in my head.

First, I’m smiling right now because I’m
awake in another day and as much as I
can, I’m going to make it a good day.  By
the way, I’m thinking that “good” means
productive, peaceful and helpful in some
way.       Second, I plan to watch for times
when I can be useful to someone else.
What I mean is, I intend to think about
someone else’s needs at least as much
as I think about my own.      Third, I plan
to watch for you during the day.  I’ll
say Hello.  Sorry I missed you yesterday.
It was a tough day and I had my head
down too much.

Well, I guess that’s it.  The house is dark
and my wife is still asleep, but I’ll go
make some coffee now.  Maybe I’ll
surprise her and fix her a little breakfast
in bed.  She deserves it.  What a great
woman!  Did I say Thank You for all
she means to me?   I meant to.

So, “feet on the floor and out the
door”…sorry, that’s a silly thing my
Mom used to say when I tried to
sleep late.  Well, that’s everything
on my mind right now.  Thanks for
listening.    Amen.

Oh, one more thing.  I’m counting
on you to help me do everything
today.  I don’t think I’m up to it
by myself.  Thanks.  Talk to you
tonight.     Amen again.

Wind Voice

13 Apr

Wind is the voice of distant places.
Its energy arises in the dark
corners of Cosmic emptiness,
passes through stars and
infinite galaxies, finally
arriving to dance with
the elegant pine trees
near the river.

In the joy of graceful movement,
Wind’s voice is released upon
the world, the soft whisper
of trembling needles, a
rushing roar like surf
rolling over a rocky

Finally, when the dance is done
and the Cosmic song has floated
off to other ears in other places,
Wind, spent from sheer delight,
returns once more to the
source of infinite Engagement,
the Mystery of Recreaton,
to sing again another



Angels Moving

9 Apr

May I feel the movement of angels
around me this day.

Sometimes it seems that life is
coasting in neutral.  Seeing turns
to glazed stare.  Hearing shuts off
like having plugs in my ears.
without fanfare or flourish,
you appear in a translucent moment,
the almost of transparent clarity.
A beautiful moment.
You sing the song of a bird.
You paint the sky with sharply etched clouds.
You fall upon me like rain washing
and cleaning all it touches.
And in your appearing, you remind me
that I am alive,
that to be alive is to see creation
with your eyes and to pronounce
it holy and sacred.

For all who wait for you,
praying for awakening —
come and fill hearts with love.

Today I will feel the fluttering of angels
around me.
I know it.