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The Star

19 Dec

“It’s hard to believe but the news is true.
The choice is made, and they picked you.
From all the stars who wanted to go,
you are the one who will brightly show
the way to Bethlehem”

“How can it be that they chose me!
I’m not convinced I can really be
bright enough to show the way
to the place where Mary and Joseph stay.
What if I burn out!”

“Calm down, my friend.  You’ll shine just fine.
Your light is strong.  You’ll be the sign
to guide the world to that special place
where everyone can see the face
of love in a manger stall.

“Now, get some rest.  The time draws near.
Lay out your course and have no fear
for you are picked from all the rest,
undoubtedly the very best
to guide the world to him.

“And by the way, when you look down
on the sleepy little village town,
shine softly on his gentle face,
hold him in a sweet embrace
and say hello for me.


Sunset Explosion

12 Dec

As we drove home tonight my friend gasped and said:  “Look at the beauty in that golden sunset!”

But all I could see was the napalm glare, then came the smell of the chemical, then the heat from crackling flames.

And all I could hear was the deep, painful cry of the wounded and tortured earth.

And in my mind I walked again through the agonies of hell.

And I wept for the beauty of a sunset’s gift.

And I cried for my friends who could not see it.

In my heart I am grateful for what I see.
In my mind I know searing pain and unrelenting grief.

If only my mind and my heart could embrace and look out upon the world together.

Life Reminders

6 Dec

Some life reminders for Second Graders at a local elementary school where I volunteer   Works for adults, too  A30697EC-67B0-4A96-906E-E12ABD7B381A.jpeg

Visions of Advent

2 Dec


Welcome to Advent!  Watching.  Waiting.  Hoping.  Expecting.  Be refreshed in the Spirit.  Welcome to Advent!