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Singing To The Morning

29 Jan


May crystal drops of mercy wash over
me and drip from my fingertips to
nourish the earth.

May the surging river that flows through
my heart carry peace to my mind and
kind words to my mouth.

May the wind of my breath carry away
all the clutter and broken pieces of my
life, leaving me the fertile soil of hope.

May the hawk and the dove nest
together in the branches of my spirit as
symbols of peace in this tired world.

May my thoughts float through the
universe as oases of comfort and may
the stars send them on their way into
every darkness.

May it be so this day.

“And the truth will make you free…”

27 Jan

Life changes with one fundamental idea.
To grasp it is to understand.
To hold it in the heart is to climb
out of the mire of sectarianism and
see the world and its inhabitants
in a new way.
To practice it fulfills philosophy,
religion and psychology.
I am not a human being trying
to be spiritual.
I am a spiritual being trying
to be human.



Facing The Day

26 Jan

Today I’m going to see something on TV
that angers me, probably News, and I’m
going to tell the TV what I think.  Lord,
temper my temper with self-control.

When I see something beautiful today,
may I slow down enough to enjoy it.
Better, may I actually stop, put down
what I’m doing and take in the full

When I am tired, remind me to rest;
if I encounter sadness, help me
remember hope.  May I be friend
to the stranger, a helping companion
to the wounded, and a voice for the

Maybe we’d better go through the day
together.  I think I’m going to need help.

May it be so.  Thank you.

Who, Me?

22 Jan

In this world of shameless greed,
my preacher, with emotion, pleads,
“Be brave, my friend.  Get off your chair.
Have courage to explore out there.
There’s ample human need.”

I know I should,
and if I could,
I really would.
What kind of excuse will I dream up today?
I know what to do.  I know what to say…but
my schedule is tight,
my hair such a fright,
my shoes don’t fit right,
my bank account’s light,
what if someone picks a fight?
The sun’s awfully bright,
it’s too dark at night,
I have such poor sight,
hungry dogs bite,
I might get frostbite,
My son’s a Hittite-
by no means contrite.
Oh, no!  Snakebite!
Is “NO” impolite?
It’s all watertight.
I can’t go tonight.


I know I should,
and if I could,
I really would.




The Day Is Yours

20 Jan



As I wake this day with hope and purpose,
then lose my way in the mazes of detail or drudgery,
find me, I pray.

If my eyes look but do not see
or my ears listen but do not hear,
shake me from my stupor, Abiding Spirit.

When I think more of myself than I should
and less of others than I ought,
be gentle in your mercy, Christ of Life.

Should I speak harsh words to my neighbor
or release words of untruth into the world,
clean out the clutter in my mind, Holy Presence.

And If I try to bind others by power or prejudice,
remind me that I am free because of your love.
May I be fully aware that this is your day, not mine.

May it be so.

Perfect Day

19 Jan

If even one bird fills
the air with song,
if February sun falls warm on my face
after a crisp winter morning,
if the musty, sweet aroma of fresh
coffee rises to the rafters,
if the stone face of the mountain
glows in the soft, golden sun at dusk,
if in the distance the melancholy sound
of a train whistle
awakens my imagination,
if I laugh, hum a tune, sit with a friend,
it will have been a good day.

And if you smile and touch my
hand, it will have been

Unpredictable Day

17 Jan

Today will offer a menu of the mundane

and the marvelous. I will peruse the

possibilities without license to choose.

Life will determine the day’s agenda,

not my calendar. The unexpected phone

call, a surprise knock on the door, emails

and texts and tweets set in motion the

acrobatics of juggling alternatives. Cracks

in the day swallow what seemed important,

even urgent.

As the day unfolds, may I not lose sight

of the Source that gives me the courage

to cope and to continue. At the end of the day,

may I look back on moments that challenged

my values, tested my concern for others, and

offered me opportunities to speak truth to

deception or deceit. May I count the unforeseen

moments as valuable nourishment for the growth

of my soul.

Morning Flight

15 Jan


Very early in the morning, as I watch the sky grow brighter
with the approach of dawn, may I be humble before
the Creative Force that brings light out of darkness.

When the first streaks of sunlight race across the sky,
may I witness the beauty that surrounds me
in the mountains, trees, and the
songs of birds delighting in
the new morning.

Then, with limitless trust, may I spread
my wings and fly!  May I soar above
the issues and incidents of the
day, not blind to my responsibility,
but confident in the updraft of
Love and Spirit.

May I spread my wings and climb
to the call of the Christ who
inhabits the heavens and
the earth and all
sentient beings.

May I fly on the breath of Spirit into this good day.



14 Jan

5 AM Monday

I think I will try to have a good attitude today.
I will see the good around me and
appreciate it.
I will think of a friend in their joy or
in their need, and I will hold
my friend in my heart.

I will pray today for peace
and understanding,
for all who are adversely
touched by political decisions.

I will sing at least one song,
compliment someone,
exercise my body and
my mind,
laugh at least six times
and smile at the grocery
bagger, even if he doesn’t.

I will have a good attitude today.
But I need coffee first.


13 Jan

Take a walk sometime today and
just look around.
Beautiful things are all around you.
They really are!

Look into the eyes of a friend or loved one today.
Remember how special they are.
They really are!

Before you go to bed tonight, be grateful
for this day.  Think of the things
for which you are thankful.
There really are some!

Look in the mirror today.
Don’t glance.  Really look.
See someone who is extra special.
You really are!