Archive | March, 2018

Even Though

15 Mar

My Friend reassured me:  “even though you get
lost in the darkest, deepest canyon
I will find you.”

Don’t worry.

I told my beautiful child:  “even though you make
mistakes or use poor judgment,
I will never stop
loving you.”

Be yourself.

My wife said to me:  “even though you left your
dirty socks on the bathroom floor, forgot to pick
up the cleaning, and overlooked the flashing
yellow warning light on the dashboard,
I’m stuck with you.
I love you.”

It’s all about “even though”, isn’t it;
Living from a deeply spiritual place is all
about “even though.”

Even though…
–the mountains rumble and roar, I won’t be afraid;
–the day is filled with reports of suffering and
injustice, I will work against them;
–I question some of my long held beliefs
and traditions, I will trust;
–I wonder about the future,
given the present,
I will hope.
–I feel so unloved and unlovable,
I am loved.

It’s all about “Even Though”, isn’t it.


The Gallery

14 Mar

Amazing how creation portrays the Sacred Love
that is the foundation of all living things.  I’d like
to meet the wren that carved out the opening
in such a lovely form.  Watch for signs of the
Sacred everywhere you go.


12 Mar

Within the space of a few words,
the length of one short sentence,
the classroom sank into silence.
Joy vanished, laughter fled,
propelled by a single word:

Second graders don’t often sit rigid
at their desks, eyes fixed on the one
who stretches their young minds.
No matter how many times she
told them not to be afraid,
they were.

Children watch television, overhear
conversations, whisper among themselves.
Danger has always been somewhere else.
Now the terrible possibility is just
beyond the chain link fence.
The stranger.  The gun.

“Be cautious on the playground.”
“Run to the nearest teacher.”
“Stay very quiet.  Be sure
all the doors are

Recess used to be fun.
Not anymore.
Not now.

Meditation Gallery

11 Mar

Sometimes beauty is obvious.  Sometimes you have to look a little harder.  But it’s always worth the effort.  May each of us see both the obvious and the not so obvious today, and may our awareness transform our world.

Gallery For Reflection

3 Mar

Some mornings it looks like the whole day is going to
be uphill, and then I remember…

Powerful Words

2 Mar

I woke this morning with a
head full of words.
They tumbled around in the dim
light of my brain, trying to
line up in neat rows of thought,
impatient with cloudy

A verb pushed his way to the head
of the line but was soon escorted
to his proper place by two
determined nouns.  Pronouns
scurried back and forth, unsure
of his or her place while adverbs
and adjectives loudly debated
whether it was appropriate
to be subject or predicate.

Words can be so annoying in the
early morning when coherent thought is
sleeping late.  Words are powerhouses
and without the companionship
of reason or compassion
they can do more harm
than good.
I once heard about a bunch of
thoughtless words that caused
an argument that led to a fight
that started a war.
Imagine that.
Words starting a war.

I have a vague waking memory
of a whispered conversation between
a sly verb and an easily influenced adjective.
“What kind of world shall we create today?”
That worries me because without
understanding and mutual concern
in the conversation, who knows what
words might do?