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Baptized Again

14 Apr

Baptized Again

Water in my church’s baptismal font is so clear and clean that it reflects the colorful stained glass windows on the east wall of the building. Clear, refreshing water.
I was baptized at age twelve and again at age seventy-three…just a few days ago.
Well into a 30-mile bike ride, I ran short of water…something important to have on a 90 degree ride. Knowing that a water fountain was located close by in a public parking lot, I peddled to the site…only to find that the fountain was not in working order. My only option was the sink faucet in the restroom facility…better than nothing, although you might need to know that tap water in my hometown is not highly regarded by lots of people. It just doesn’t taste very good. Some would say “yuk”!
Now, full bottle in the holder, I started out of the lot onto the bike trail when a man called me to a halt. He had gotten out of a pickup truck, parked in the shade of a small tree, and he approached me with a bottle of water in hand. “You can’t drink that stuff”, he announced. “Here, take this”, and extended the fresh water. “I can’t take your water on a day like this,” I replied, but he insisted. “No, please. I want you to have it.”
As he drove out of the parking lot, I tasted cold, clean, refreshing water…and it was wonderful. If he looked back he saw me drink almost all of it and then pour the rest over my head and shoulders for the cooling effect.
Baptized again with generosity and kindness.
Baptized again at 73.



5 Apr


I wonder what she’s thinking?

As she nestles her infant child in her arms, is she wondering about the recent UN report concerning climate changes and how we are slowly but surely walking down a narrowing path?

Or, maybe her mind is concerned about troops massing on various borders or Sudanese refugees or Syrian victims or terrorists whose passions erase the value of human life.

Or, perhaps she’s wondering about water for her child to drink or food shortages as the gap between the 1% and the 99% expands. And expands. And expands.

She looks like a kind and caring mother, as do all the ones on television each night weeping about the plight of their families and communities. She reminds me of mothers around the world who must be wondering what the future will hold for their innocent infants.

I wonder. Do you wonder?