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The Big Twist

25 Feb

A reflection on Matthew 5:21-26

Good to get away from that crowd. Anyway, it’s cooler up here on the mountain, and we can have Jesus all to ourselves. Come on, the others are gathering around him. Looks like he’s going to teach.

He is certainly right…murder is a terrible crime. Wait…what did he just say? He’s changing the scriptures? “But I tell you…” Can he do that?

A grudge is just as bad as murdering someone? Did you hear that, too? A grudge is just thoughts and words. How can a grudge be that bad?

And name calling! Again, just words spoken. Jesus doesn’t know my cousin…he IS an idiot.

Okay. I understand. I’m responsible for my behavior. No grudges and no name calling. I need to control my anger and not let it fester into a grudge.

Wait. Sit down. I don’t think he’s finished yet. Hold on…did you hear what I just heard? Even if I don’t hold a grudge against my cousin, but he holds one against me, I should try to reconcile. But it’s his grudge! He’s the one who is mad and pouting. He’s got the problem, not me. Excuse me, Rabbi. Are you sure you have that right? I think you have it turned around. In fact I…sorry, Master. Yes, it is something new to me. Yes, Rabbi, I understand and I don’t understand. It’s like the world just turned upside down. Yes, it will be surprising to the crowds. But I will share your teaching faithfully…however, first I need to visit my cousin.

The Common

23 Feb

It’s plain. It lacks forceful colors and shape.
You can see the same scene in all directions.
Common. Unimaginative.
And those critiques are true for one who flips the pages of
the travel magazine, for someone who has never
heard the sound of sand crunching under foot,
never smelled the desert after a rain,
never walked among the living things and
heard them speak to the wind.
This is the sanctuary of the Sacred.
Tread lightly. Perhaps the song of the Cactus Wren
will transform the moment into Holy Mystery
and you will see in the soft lines of the distant
mountains an invitation into a state of Gratitude.
It’s the long view.
Two men walked into the desert, stopped for a moment
to take in the scenery, and said in turn:
“God, this is an awful place!”
and “God, this place is full of awe!”
Only eyes of the Spirit can see beyond the obvious.

The Day Begins

20 Feb

Cold tiles
warm feet

light switch
fuzzy world
soft edges
alarm clock numbers
night stand

Ah! Glasses

put on Christ Romans 4
blind but now I see John 9
the day begins
each the same
always new
ready for Wonder.

You Are Awesome!

19 Feb

And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!
Today is Awesome Friday,
celebrated in your honor
around the world.
The rest of us are thankful that you are you,
and that you’re part of our lives.
Don’t let this go to your head…
just your heart.

Glorious Day Approaching

18 Feb
Your glory rises with the brilliance of the sun,
streams of mercy, rays of compassion, the warmth of
holy Love. You fill the earth with Presence that
rushes over us like sea waves.

I stand with my arms upraised, hands and fingers
stretching to touch and be touched. Here I
wait. This is the morning of Mystery and Wonder.
This is the gift of your grace. This
is the beginning of a new day,
and I rejoice and am glad in it.


Wounded Friend

16 Feb

He sits close to the glass partition, not to pose but to ponder
all the strange creatures passing by. He will never fly again,
the wound was too severe. But can he know that the wounded
still carry the beauty of their creation? Fallen from the sky
to fly no more, he stands as a monument to the magnificent.
O beautiful friend, I grieve your fate, but I sit on the dusty
pathway, close to the glass that separates us, and give
thanks for this chance meeting.
You transform the moment,
Wounded Friend.

Be You!

14 Feb

“This is the day the Lord has made,
let us rejoice and be glad in it…”
Rejoice! Be glad!
Be grateful!
Be You!

The Words We Use

12 Feb

What it takes a lifetime to build can be destroyed in minutes. Take care with the words we use and the decisions we make. Let all our words be grounded in The Way of Jesus. WWJD?

Note To Myself

10 Feb

It’s not what I can’t do today,
It’s what I can do.

Boredom is simply an invitation
to create.

Find five specific things today for
which to be thankful.

Walking in the correct shoes is comfortable
in the wrong shoes, painful
Watch the attitude.

When I dress this morning
I will put on
my glasses
my shoes
and all the rest in between
and I will put on Christ
intentionally, humbly

Nothing I do today will change the world
but what I do today will
reinforce or reject
who I am.

Ink Cartridges

7 Feb

Sometimes it’s right in front of you, and you don’t see it. An answer to the problem, the car keys you’ve been searching for, your glasses, the TV remote. Right there and you looked past it or through it. Frustration builds, and, of course, that causes your pupils to close down into little angry laser beams. And there it was all the time.

I re-learned that lesson early this morning when I sat down to write. What to say? A topic that would be interesting, maybe even helpful. An hour later I was still looking for just the right idea or topic or subject or emphasis. Frustration is a tough opponent at 4 a.m. I pondered, prayed, sat in the Lotus position until my right leg went to sleep.

And, then, there it was. Or better said, there they were. On the desk, exactly in front of me, waving at me, calling my name. Seven empty printer ink cartridges waiting to be re-filled. Dry as a bone. No doubt feeling useless. The seed of an idea began to grow. The gift of a thought. You can write the rest of this, can’t you.

I am an admitted follower of The Way, the first name given to the work and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. The Way. When Jesus said “Follow me” he meant it. Follow me, do what I do and don’t lose sight of me. I’ll be right there with you, just stay on The Way. But this morning by 4:10 and with no clear thought to weave into a meditation, I sat down on a rock along The Way to think about my problem. Concern turned into anxiousness which turned into frustration which turned into…and then I heard a voice: Hey. Hey! What are you doing? I looked back and I couldn’t see you. Come on, there’s work to be done. Lots of emptiness ahead. People who need to hear what I have to say, and I want you to be there. Right there beside me.

Lots of emptiness ahead. Empty people needing to be filled with good news, filled with new life. Seven empty ink cartridges staring at me. Empty. Refill. Fullness of life. I’ve got it! Thanks to you…but when I looked up, he was striding away. Suddently the rock was very uncomfortable. Wait! I don’t want to lose sight of you!

Here, friend. Take these seven cartridges. You write the rest of this. I’ve got to go. Wait up, Jesus. Here I come.