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Smiling Wall

21 Jan

IMG_1871 2


So, I was walking around in my backyard the other day and I had
the distinct feeling that I was being watched.   The yard is enclosed
by a traditional stucco wall and, given the elevation, no one could stand on
the other side and peek over.  Well, maybe with a ladder.

I could find no evidence of an intruder hiding behind the roses bushes, nor
under the Anonymous Plant in the corner…strange, ugly plant.
I was alone.  Until I glanced at the east wall and found the culprit.
Who invented “smiley faces?”

I told him to go away.  He stayed.   (Could be she)
I said:  “Stop that silly smiling.”  He smiled.
I warned him I was going to get a scrub brush.   Didn’t phase him.
I turned my back and ignored him.   He wouldn’t quit.
I gave up.  He persisted.
Pretty soon I began to wonder about a smile showing up on a stucco wall,
and why here and why now
and I  found myself turning up the corners of my mouth
and I thought “My Lord, I’m smiling at a wall.”

But it felt pretty good,
and I was more relaxed
and the ugly plant in the corner didn’t look so ugly anymore.
Strange and rather wonderful what a smile can do.
Don’t you think?


A Day To Be Glad

14 Jan

Be glad in the Lord always.

Let your gentleness show in your treatment
of all people.

Don’t be anxious about anything…

Then the peace of God that exceeds all
understanding will keep your hearts and minds
safe in Christ Jesus.

I have learned the secret of being content in any circumstance.

I know the experience of being in need and of
having more than enough.

I can endure all things through  the power of the one
who gives me strength.



Philippians 4   Selected verses



8 Jan


Yesterday the clouds played games in the sky.
They swirled and rolled and tumbled.
Looked like they had a great time!

When was the last time you played a game?
So, today make time to play.  Maybe it will be your
already favorite game, a new one, or one you make up.
But, do yourself a favor…set aside some amount of time
during your chores and routines and responsibilities
to play.

And, by the way, don’t feel guilty about using your
valuable time like this.  You deserve some
playtime.  Go for it.

The Community of Light

4 Jan


Light takes many forms,
just like the containers that hold it.
Tall, short, slender, chubby, prominent,
in the background.  But Light fills them all,
well, almost all.  And even when you
feel like Light has gone out, you’ve got lots of
Light around  you…the same flame in others who
are there to comfort, encourage, console, and to share
their Light so that you may shine once again.
It’s call Community, the Community of the Light,
the Body of Christ.
Let your Light shine so that others may know,
and if your Light grows dim or vanishes,
don’t worry.  We’re here.