24 Nov

Between yes and no is maybe
hot and cold is warm
too much and too little is enough
happy and sad is contented
yesterday and tomorrow is today


birth and death is life


between waking and sleeping
is life today

but best of all

between all living things and Love is
nothing, zero, zip, nada
“Nothing can separate us from the Love…”

One Click In Time

22 Nov

One click in a random moment,
one “yes” to an impulse that moves
from brain to hand faster than any computer,
and there it is. There it is, an invitation to enjoy
all the elements that, in this moment, combine to
produce beauty.

The most obvious is the graceful Egret, so
lovely in flight. Then the Reflection in the water,
soft and imperfect yet vital to the visual moment.
She flies toward the Light. Will she enter the
opening between the trees or remain with the
water. Colors combine to create this peaceful
scene…they blend and work together, new
creations emerge from their willingness to flow
together and yet maintain their own striking identities.
Shadows, the leaning curves of the trees, spots on
the water’s surface. Everything is important. Each
element, without the others, is less than the whole.

Together, they create wonder. What a fundamental
life principle, all captured in one random moment,
one click.

Spirit Journey

21 Nov

Strangely and wonderfully made! For all living things that bring
joy and wonder to the world, we are truly thankful. For all grace-filled moments and all creatures that make the day grace upon grace, we are grateful. May I trust the currents of the Spirit to hold me up, sacred Breath to carry me on my journey, and indiscriminate Compassion to demonstrate my commitment to the Way of Jesus. May the seeds of Peace, sown in hope, begin to blossom soon.


20 Nov

The wait was worth it.

She walked along the water’s edge, deliberately, stealth bird in search of food swimming at her feet. When some flash of motion revealed a meal, her long neck shot forward, the length of my arm, spearing the prey, leaving the water motionless.

But I kept saying to her: Fly. Spread those huge wings and throw yourself into the air. Turn awkward into graceful. I waited. And waited. Camera poised, finger on the trigger…until. Finally, tired of my mental pleading, she fluttered her wings and graced the world with beautiful flight.

As hard as it is, sometimes you just have to wait. Not everything works on my schedule. I try to remind myself that, in a moment like this one, I can wait frustrated or fascinated. The goal is not just to take a picture, but to see what is on the other end of the long lens. To discover.

And so she flew. In fact, we both did.


18 Nov

The analogy is far from perfect, but you’ll have to admit there is some similarity. This morning I installed a new anti-virus program on my computer. After about 14 pop-ups, a couple of reboots, and a cup of coffee, it was done. Then there were more pop-ups telling me how smart I was to choose this product, how “present” the program would be to my every need, and, of course, would I like to upgrade to even more and better protection. It took about an hour, but I am now protected.

So, here’s the analogy. Many years ago, I said one word…”Yes”…and activated a system in my life that has been always present, always available, has never sent me a pop-up, and doesn’t cost me anything…except my life. This spiritual Presence doesn’t have to be renewed every year, has a very long history, and has received 5-Star reviews by millions of people.

I’m glad to have the anti-virus protection, but I couldn’t live without the Presence. The new computer program is limited to “one person use”, according to the fine print. The Presence is universal, even cosmic. In fact, my Friend is looking over my shoulder as I write this.

It’s a great relationship. You, too?

Go And Do Likewise

16 Nov

If these very stones could talk…Well, they can!

Barren Beauty

15 Nov

Of all the trees in the manicured garden,
this one merits a mere glance from
those who define a tree by its colorful
radiance, a foliage bearer, as if the leaf
is the life source, the nourishing agent of
nature’s creativity.

Should no leaf ever again appear on these
branches, beauty, personified in simplicity
and sacred purity, will cause consciousness
to gasp and stand anchored to the earth
in the presence of inherent symmetry.

Flaming reds and glorious golds deserve
the applause of those who see, but it is
barren beauty that startles the feelings
and haunts the heart.

Beauty Hunt

12 Nov

Sometimes beauty is right there and we don’t see it. Oh, but when we do!
Which is the prettier? The Stone? The Butterfly?
Today you will be surrounded by beautiful things and experiences.
You might not see them unless you deliberately look.
So, go on a “Beauty Hunt” sometime today.
What do you see, hear, remember
that reveals Creation’s

Sacred Mountain

8 Nov
Sit with this photograph for a few minutes. What does it say to you? What do you say in return?
Do we realize how blessed we are to be neighbors with something so sacred?

Challenge To Change

7 Nov

If it doesn’t challenge you,

it won’t change you.

I don’t know who said it. Whoever, I like that thinking. Sure fits my life. Yours?