Sunset Explosion

12 Dec

As we drove home tonight my friend gasped and said:  “Look at the beauty in that golden sunset!”

But all I could see was the napalm glare, then came the smell of the chemical, then the heat from crackling flames.

And all I could hear was the deep, painful cry of the wounded and tortured earth.

And in my mind I walked again through the agonies of hell.

And I wept for the beauty of a sunset’s gift.

And I cried for my friends who could not see it.

In my heart I am grateful for what I see.
In my mind I know searing pain and unrelenting grief.

If only my mind and my heart could embrace and look out upon the world together.

Life Reminders

6 Dec

Some life reminders for Second Graders at a local elementary school where I volunteer   Works for adults, too  A30697EC-67B0-4A96-906E-E12ABD7B381A.jpeg

Visions of Advent

2 Dec


Welcome to Advent!  Watching.  Waiting.  Hoping.  Expecting.  Be refreshed in the Spirit.  Welcome to Advent!

Little Drops of Life

30 Nov

Sacred drops of life.  Say “hello” to your history and your future.

Sacred Cup

28 Nov


Could light exist if there was no darkness?
Is darkness defined by the absence of light?

Is one superior to the other?

In the dawning of each day I will look for commonalities.
I will be conscious of the potential that resides
in the space between opposing views,
in the tender territory where reason can
sit down with emotion and share a
cup of commonality.
Sacred cup.

I will hold the thread of hope lightly
but confidently, and I will trust you
to do the same.  It is the linkage,
the elusive strand that holds us and all things
together in a patchwork of opposites.
“We” don’t exist if there is no honoring the
value of courageous collaboration.

We will continue to grasp the illusion of strength
in foundations crafted on sand if we allow the thread
to be swept away by the voracious winds of
invective, insult, or indifference.

You and I can live in a world that is frayed around
the edges, but we cannot survive the unnecessary tragedy
of careless or intentional unraveling.


Wash Walk

26 Nov


When you’re in a bad mood
and life makes you brood
about injustices, insults or snubs,
say to yourself, “By golly, by gosh,
although not thought of as high class or posh,
I’m going to go walk in a wash.”

Really not bad advice.
First, it’s good exercise, and
you know you need it.
Second, once you stop kicking
the sand in frustration, and
decide to act like a guest in
someone’s living room,
you might learn something
about the wash and
about yourself.

I know.  Wild green stuff everywhere.
Unkempt.  Disordered.  Not a garden spot.
And the sand’s too deep, and there’s a
fly who thinks he’s a relative and
won’t leave you alone.
And it’s too hot!
Blah, blah, blah.
Get over it
You’re in a wash.

Look at that yellow weed that thinks
it’s something special.  Show-off.
But, it does add some lovely color,
doesn’t it.  In fact, it’s quite pretty
draping itself over those bland
bushes ad climbing to the top of
that old tree.  In fact, I think
I’ll take a picture and add it to my
Nature Album.  There.  Very nice.

Wait.  Look over there…

See, you’re off and running.
The wash is working its magic.
I predict that by the time you
decide to climb out of the wash
you will have a shoe full of sand,
five or six good photos, and
a smile on your face.

So, when you’re in a bad mood
and life makes you brood
about injustices, insults or snubs,
say to yourself:  “By golly, by gosh,
although not thought of as high class or posh,
I’m going back to visit that wash.

Morning Star

23 Nov


A single star in the morning sky.
A pinpoint of light that fades with the dawn.
Will Spirits weep and Angels cry
when morning wakes, the curtain is drawn
and the solace of night is gone?

I’ll watch as the star fades in the light.
Goodbye, my friend.  May peace follow you
until, in the darkening shades of the night,
your elegant grace returns to my view.
Your remarkable glow makes everything new.

A single star in the morning sky.
Spirits weep and Angels cry.
So difficult to say Goodbye.
But quickly how the hours fly
and night comes round again.