18 Oct

Let there be…

A sweet fragrance of hope as morning comes,

Sufficient strength to meet the day’s demands,

Words of love spoken and received,

Hands willing to reach, renew, repair the brokenness,

Faith to see me through the journey ahead,

A song that I can sing through the coming hours,

A Friend to walk with me, lest I lose my way.

Let there be.


This Is The Day

17 Oct

THIS is the day –
It was not yesterday.  It is not tomorrow.  THIS is the unique, unprecedented moment in time when I am called by the Sacred Voice of hope and compassion.  Called, Prepared, Sent.

This IS the day –
Without question, with no reservation, I affirm the “is” of this day.  What was has been.  What will be is yet to occur.  This moment “is”.  It belongs to now and awaits the filling of Love and Gentle Goodness.

This is THE day –
Not “a” day in the life of all days, this one is fashioned for precisely this pristine moment.  No other day will fit this context of time or circumstance. THE day is both summons and assignment.  It will never happen again just like this.

This is the DAY –
In the Light of this DAY, live for truth, do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with your God in gratitude and in compassionate care.

This is the day the Lord has made,
Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

This Grand Day

15 Oct

The Lord be with you…
     As day wakes and dons her morning cloak,
     the brilliant one, striped with magnificent
     colors of the arching rainbow.

The Lord be with you…
     As you walk into the light to greet the world,
     spend your hours in constructive engagement
     and contribute your share of integrity and hope.

The Lord be with you…
     As you eat and drink and work and play
     and love and laugh and cry.  As you live.
     As you truly live.

The Lord be with you…
     As you find beauty in your beholding,
     a reason to smile in your remembering
     and a breathtaking realization of Reality.

The Lord be with you…each of you this 
grand day.  


Speaking Peace

13 Oct


My goal today is to find a way
to say a kind word or two.
Not that this is something new.
Perhaps I’ve said a word to you?
I try to parcel out a few
to passersby and strangers, too.
No matter what you say or do,
even if you have no clue
about the value to ensue,
the words are gems of great value.
Once spoken, I must say adieu.

May peace rest upon you
and you,
and you,
and you,
and you,
and you.

Oh, and you, too.

Brilliant Day

11 Oct

Even when dark clouds are all around, they don’t match the beauty of Brilliance!

Make this a Brilliant day!

Scary Noise

5 Oct

There’s a noise in my house that scares me so.
It comes from the bedroom and makes me go
very weak in the knees and short of breath.
It might be the horrible sounds of death!

I went to the closet and got my bat;
I’ll take it along with more confidence that
if death is hiding to spring on me,
I’ll give him a taste of this hickory tree.

So now, courage up; stand tall like a man.
If anyone says “you can’t”, say “I can!”
Tiptoe into place, fling open the door
and there in the corner, stretched out on the floor
is the source of my fear, Maggie May’s ghastly snore!

Some Things You Need To Know

22 Sep

Dear Child,

The words that follow are aimed at all born in the 18th year of the 21st century.  I don’t know what life will be like for you when look back from the observation deck of your mature years…is there still something called retirement?  But here’s what you missed by showing up late.

*I used to buy gasoline for 19 cents a gallon a the Fina Station where a guy would come out of the little office, wash my windshield and actually talk to me.  I couldn’t buy hotdogs or detergent there.  The A&P for detergent.  My kitchen at home for hotdogs.

*Places you could go watch a movie — pictures displayed on a big screen–where an organ would rise out of the stage floor and play Take Me Out To The Ballgame .  Like a karaoke group.  Karaoke.  Never mind.

*The little white frame building behind the record store on Greenville Avenue where you buy a hamburger…a real one…for 25 cents.  The place had only four counter stools…no booths or tables…but the burger was worth standing up for.  I smelled like the fried meat, onions and the wonderful place for about three days.

*You missed seeing my 1941 Chevy sedan, green, that I nicknamed “The Green Hornet”.  I’ll explain that some other day.  She had fender skirts on the back and a lowered rear end.  This is an automotive memory, not a personal one.  I couldn’t afford the necessary equipment to lower the back end, so I loaded the trunk with big rocks.  It worked.  I was cool.  Gas mileage was pretty bad.

*Jimmy the butcher used a big wooden block table and a fearful chopping tool to separate pieces of chicken or slabs of beef.  He never wore a net cap and he always flicked away his cigarette ashes before wrapping the ground meat.   There was sawdust on the floor of his work area, obviously as a sanitary precaution.  I think he changed it when it appeared a light shade of pink.

*I shook hands once with a man running for some city office.  He knocked on our door, came in, had a glass of water, and told us his story for a better future.  He was nice.  I think he stayed for maybe half an hour then shook our hands…mine, too…and said goodbye.  After he was gone my grandfather explained the difference between a statesman and a politician.  I understand now.  Grandfather was right.  When I get up most mornings now, I seem to always conclude that we need more of the first and far fewer of the second.

Well, I have other helpful revelations on my list but I must go for now.  My new ionic diffuser doesn’t seem to be connecting with the bluetooth setting and I may have go reboot the whole system.

Good luck.  Have fun.  Make memories.