Welome To The Light

8 Dec

A Holiday Thought

He lives in a box most of the year. Maybe that’s why he’s not smiling. I can’t blame him. I’d be a little grumpy, too. But I know some people who do the same thing, some who never come out of their box at all. So sad, because the light is so beautiful. The lights of Christmas penetrate even the darkest places. THE Light is an invitation to new hope, new joy, new purpose. Maybe our job is to lift some of those box lids with kind words and loving actions, and invite someone out of darkness and isolation. That’s exactly what THE Light did. A joyful possibility in this holy season.

Colors of Life

21 Nov

Isn’t it wonderful that life is composed of so many shapes and colors and textures and fragrances? We are blessed to be part of such diversity. Say “thank you” to a leaf tomorrow. And to the Leaf Maker.

Unfailing Love

14 Nov

There is a verse in Psalm 17 that goes like this: “God, show us your unfailing love in wonderful ways.” That’s my request, too. And then my heart and my brain connect and I suddenly realize that I’m standing right in the middle of the answer. All around me are sights and senses, fragrances and textures, relationships that bring me joy and encouragement. I’m asking for something I already have. And that little voice in my head says: “Wake up!” Don’t sleep walk through this good day. At least set aside a little time to see and experience the “unfailing love in wonderful ways.” Have a wonder-filled Monday. This could be the best day of your life. God, show us your unfailing love in wonderful ways. And a song, carried on the mountain breeze, fills the valley. The lyrics are simple: I have. I do. I will. Thanks be to God for the wonderful ways unfailing love has been, is, and will be shown to everyone who “wakes up” to the Wonder. This day is a special gift just for you. Unwrap it!


17 Oct

Every life has contradictions.
Somewhere between the “yes” and the “no”
in the midst of “maybe” and “perhaps”
there lives an infamous note of discord
that takes sinister delight in pitting
word against word,
confounding fact with fiction,
creating intersections of impasse,
and “No Way Out” boulevards of bluster
and bravado.

To live in the world of “either-or”
is to feather discord’s nest. The
distance between opposites is
measured by the relics of sincere
people who tried to walk through
the quicksand of compromise.

Every life has contradictions.
But the rent is too high in that neighborhood.
Talking “at” is different than talking “with”
and hearing is not the same as listening.
Caution to you who have answers but do
not know the questions, whose ignorance is
confused with intelligence, who cry “Fear!”
into the darkness of prejudice and watch
as we throw off the cloak of Principle
in order to play in the sandbox of
our own self-interest.

Contradictions, conceived by the lust
of political power or religious rigidity,
may define the moment, but they also
gerrymander justice and truth in order
to enjoy the collision of minds determined
to dominate or destroy.

Spread It Around

10 Oct
How nice to stop in a local eatery for an afternoon snack and find this little bit of refreshment. Better than any bearclaw or blueberry scone. A thought: Being kind does not depend on “the other person”. Being kind is not a reaction, not a response. Kindness is an inherent virtue and I can turn it on, or I can turn it off. Somebody else’s behavior, good or bad, does not determine whether I will be kind or mean-spirited. In my faith tradition, through the voice of an ancient wise person, I am reminded to “do justice, love kindness.” So today, in all your contacts, in all your relationships, no matter what the other guy says or does…be kind. Don’t let somebody else define you. You have a treasure to give away. Spread it around.

What You See Is What You Get!

1 Oct
You’ve had days like this, haven’t you? The hair dryer won’t come on…combing doesn’t help much. In my case, my Feather Fluffer won’t work, and here I am! So, as my dear Dad used to say, I’ll “grin and bear it.” No, I think I will smile and accept it. Why punish other people with a frown or anger or a grumpy attitude? I will fly above momentary circumstances, things I can’t control. No, Dad, it’s “what you see is what you get” It’s me! But, you don’t happen to have a Feather Fluffer, do you?


25 Sep

Sometimes the road is long and lonely, and it feels like I’m all alone. But one of faith’s basic, core ideas denies that. True, no other person is in sight, yet there is an intuitive, instinctual companionship that prompts me to turn the pedals and keep the bike moving. A mind game? No, a heart reality. Explainable? No, experiential. I was riding the other day on a long stretch, all by myself, when another rider came up behind me very quietly. I only knew he was there when he said: “Behind you”, a courtesy alert. Behind, beside, above, below…with. Keep pedaling. You’re not alone.

Thin Place

9 Sep

Do you think human feet have stood on this magnificent piece of the Earth? Is there somewhere remaining that has never been the site of a footprint? These sacred locations in nature are often called Thin Places, a coming together of two realms or dimensions. It’s like heaven and earth overlapping so that there is created an exceptional moment of awareness. But, then, every piece of earth has the potential to be a Thin Place. When Spirit touches Spirit, a new depth of awareness is reached, and, most often, life is never the same again. I’ve discovered that you can’t plan an encounter with a Thin Place; it just happens. It is a “gift” moment to be deeply appreciated and remembered often. Be on the lookout today. This just might be your day.

One Little Drop of Gorgeous

7 Sep

Appreciate beauty for beauty’s sake. Be grateful from the heart, not just the mind. I’ve met some beautiful birds, but none quite like this one. This is one little drop of gorgeous. Just like the one that fell on you. You! Whether you like it or not, want it or not, deserve it or not, believe it or not, You are uniquely wonderful. And other people see that in you, even if you don’t. Spread your wings, show-off your colors, fly.

It Won’t Float

3 Sep

They don’t land on water, do they? If they do, they don’t float very long. So, I was very surprised to round a curve in the country lane and find this strange sight. I pulled off the paved road, onto a grassy shoulder, and into frightened non-belief. The balloon was coming down, down, very slowly, but down for sure. A mechanical failure? Pilot error? That’s a pond, in case you haven’t figured it out. Then, with one blast from the onboard heat source, the colorful giant stopped its descent, held steady for a moment about 24 inches above the wet, and then started to climb. Up and up until it cleared the trees and floated away on a friendly breeze. Now, I offer this advice for the next time you ride in a porous wicker basket under a hot-air balloon over the lovely countryside, near a small pond. Consider the natural order of life: Wicker baskets don’t float, and the last time I looked, there was no flight attendant demonstrating the proper use of an inflatable onboard the average passenger basket. But, then, maybe you are a card-carrying member of the “I’ll Try Anything Once” club. Trust me, once is all you’ll get with a basket full of people, a flame torch and a bad idea. Stick to mahjong. It’s healthier. Unless, of course, you’re a poet…Roses are red, violets are blue…hmm. The theological insight? Hmm. Subtle, isn’t it.