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Traveler Beware!

30 Oct

Beware the sinister sofa bed!
The pull out, fold down sleeping thing
is one clear way the devil brings
a sense of chaos fear and dread.
Give heed to what I’ve clearly said.

Just yesterday in Baltimore
a man who’d traveled many miles
broke out in such a happy smile
not knowing that the sofa bed,
the cunning thing, was yet unfed.

The paper gave the tragic news.
The hotel said “It’s not our fault.
We told him clearly that he ought
to use the lovely king-sized bed
but he chose otherwise instead.”

It wasn’t a very pretty sight.
I slowly opened the bedroom door,
let out a scream and hit the floor,
for there in unobstructed view
was his baseball cap and one brown shoe.

I hesitate to say the rest.
Just know that pull out sofa beds
can be quite mean until they’re fed.
So take my personal advice:
stick with the King; it’s very nice.

Sorry, Sir. No Elevator.

26 Oct

We had just checked into our lodging at a Navy facility — old retirees are pretty low on the reservation totem pole, but I got lucky this time — requested a room on the top floor, completed all the paperwork, picked up the room key, then thought to ask about the location of the elevator.  “You don’t have an elevator?”

”No, sir.  This is a renovated barracks and we don’t have an elevator.” A moment of existential angst.  Switch to the first floor?  Convenient, less effort, etc.  Or, keep the top floor — which in this case was the third — have a view, less possible room noise.  But no elevator to lift my wife, myself, two suitcases, a camera bag, a briefcase, a small ice cooler, and two bags of our standard traveling miscellaneous.  Don’t say it.  I know.  All of this plus my wife’s replaced knee and my now bad attitude produced ANGST.

But we kept the third floor room, climbed the stairs a few times to get things up there, sat in the room to recover and wondered why we were breathing so heavily, smiled at each other at the same time because we knew the answer without saying it.  Then we drew the curtains back and a better thought swept across us.  Astonishing views are most often seen from lofty heights.

Climbing the steps was the price we paid for seeing the Pacific Ocean in its grandeur.  No view from the first floor.  In the photo above, it’s the same truth for me.  There are 92 steps in this climb in the Catalina Mountains near our home.  The steps are well into the hike and there is an alternative route that avoids the famous 92.  Ah, but.  When I step off number 92 onto the high ridge line, the view is spectacular.  The theory works, also, in the ways we think and communicate with each other.  Too much first grade thinking and we all begin to sound like first graders.  Too much greedy, selfish thinking and some of us begin to hold what we have a little tighter.  Too much angry, condemning, confrontational thinking and many of us grow so anxious that we do the same thing.  Principled, thoughtful, reasoned thinking and communicating come from a higher position of human understanding and insight.  You have to climb some hard steps to get there.  But only there do we find the table of reason around which we can sit to catch visions of what might be…and to exercise the higher principles of humanity.

“No, sir.  We don’t have an elevator.” That’s okay.  We are still able to do it, a bit more slowly perhaps, but we decided that this would be good for us.  Promote better health, more stamina, stuff like that.  But it was the view that sealed the deal.  The “view—point” is the birthplace of dreams for those who climb the hard steps, common dreams for the common good.


24 Oct

May all who travel today
be embraced by the
Hospitable Spirit
who lives in all
airways and
of life.

May the embracing be mutual
and memorable.

In every inch of creation you pass,
there is a smile.
Smile back.
Say hello.

You are being welcomed.  When you
stop for rest, rest in the Presence.
You might even look in the

You have a passenger.


A Song For The Morning

23 Oct

What song shall I sing to the Radiant One?
What hymn of delight from the moon and the sun?
How will the stars, suspended in space,
acknowledge the Source of compassionate grace?
Look!  A new creation has just begun!


Let choirs and symphonies fill the whole earth
with choruses fitting for dancing and mirth.
Arise my brothers and lift voices high,
join in my sisters, our Beloved is nigh
waiting to hear all creation’s glad cry.


The planets align in genuine praise.
Galaxies set all the heavens ablaze
with wondrous songs and magnificent signs
that proclaim the Beloved’s intent and design
for creation to flourish in peace.


Reflection on Psalm 96





He Restores My Soul

22 Oct


fullsizeoutput_1772The comfort and consolation of sleep
restore my body.
Morning comes and I am birthed again
into creation, an infant star
in the universe, a pure drop
of rain falling into the garden,
meant to provide, not

Sleep restores my body, but only the
Sacred Mystery can restore my soul.
That Which is, alone, can mend
and mold and make new
again and again.

Time is irrelevant to time’s Creator.
My life is not about time.  It is
about compassionate

May the fullest reality of
he restores my soul
guide me through
this day.

Follow Your Heart

21 Oct


Infinite Light ascends the dark mountains
bringing soft morning rays of
hope and a quiet summons to courage.

Infinite Love descends through green,
contoured valleys and walks the
empty streets where sleep and dreams
yet work their wonders.

Where Light and Love pass, blessing is
bestowed, unknown to those who, even
in sleep, sense the passing Presence,
feel the Unnamable nearby.

The mountains glow in tribute to the
One who formed them in love.
Song birds in the valleys begin a chorus
of praise that sweeps up the canyons
on drafts of Spirit air.

Lights appear in windows, house after
house, slowly, as the gentle voice is heard
in waking spirits, the whisper of
Morning Light and Love.

“Arise, my beloved.  Listen.  Follow your heart.”

Gift of Grace

19 Oct


Today will startle you!

It is prepared and poised to delight.
You have the opportunity to laugh loudly
weep in quiet joy,
even turn a cartwheel or two.
More is waiting that you can
describe or understand.

Your part in all the possibilities
is to wake up into Awareness.
Look, see, respond, appreciate.
Gift of Grace.

Turning cartwheels is metaphorical,
by the way.


18 Oct

Let there be…

A sweet fragrance of hope as morning comes,

Sufficient strength to meet the day’s demands,

Words of love spoken and received,

Hands willing to reach, renew, repair the brokenness,

Faith to see me through the journey ahead,

A song that I can sing through the coming hours,

A Friend to walk with me, lest I lose my way.

Let there be.


This Is The Day

17 Oct

THIS is the day – It was not yesterday.  It is not tomorrow.  THIS is the unique, unprecedented moment in time when I am called by the Sacred Voice of hope and compassion.  Called, Prepared, Sent.

This IS the day – Without question, with no reservation, I affirm the “is” of this day.  What was has been.  What will be is yet to occur.  This moment “is”.  It belongs to now and awaits the filling of Love and Gentle Goodness.

This is THE day – Not “a” day in the life of all days, this one is fashioned for precisely this pristine moment.  No other day will fit this context of time or circumstance. THE day is both summons and assignment.  It will never happen again just like this.

This is the DAY – In the Light of this DAY, live for truth, do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with your God in gratitude and in compassionate care.

This is the day the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

This Grand Day

15 Oct

The Lord be with you…
     As day wakes and dons her morning cloak,
     the brilliant one, striped with magnificent
     colors of the arching rainbow.

The Lord be with you…
     As you walk into the light to greet the world,
     spend your hours in constructive engagement
     and contribute your share of integrity and hope.

The Lord be with you…
     As you eat and drink and work and play
     and love and laugh and cry.  As you live.
     As you truly live.

The Lord be with you…
     As you find beauty in your beholding,
     a reason to smile in your remembering
     and a breathtaking realization of Reality.

The Lord be with you…each of you this 
grand day.