Days Gone By

29 Dec

Realizations about 2018 but no Resolutions


I can revisit the old year, but I cannot relive it.
What’s done is done.

The journey brought me a few steps closer to the period on the page.
I prefer an exclamation point!

The old year provided abundant examples of inhumanity
and sufficient examples of goodness.  I will
cherish the goodness.

2018 also —

Encouraged me toward simple clarity, less is better, and
tolerated my circumlocution.

Deepened my spirit roots while pushing me to sift
through old baggage better left behind.
Not that it was easy.

Showed me where to spend myself and taught
me the costs of trying.
Practical and emotional costs.

Confirmed that making New Year’s Resolutions is a game I
intended to throw from day one.

Solidified friendships and opened doors to new ones.
Reminded me to reflect on those who
went away.

Allowed me the 57th opportunity to say
Happy Anniversary to my beloved,
and daily reasons to say
I love you.


May you find joy in the New Year!

One Response to “Days Gone By”

  1. Sharon Ragland December 30, 2018 at 10:18 am #

    Such a sweet reflection.  Thank you, Roger.  Sharon

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