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All Things Matter

20 Feb


Does one star matter among pinpoints of light?
The sky is filled with the eyes’ delight.
Millions of gifts of light in the night,
so why does one star matter?

Does one child matter who goes hungry tonight?
He sleeps in love’s arms in the soft evening light,
and his parents cry at the pitiful sight
of their child who won’t wake tomorrow.

Does it matter that we’re on a treacherous course
to demolish the earth with little remorse?
Our delicate home that is clearly the source
of our lives in this cosmic parade?

A hawk, a tree, all that live in the sea,
why should it matter to you or to me?
Who cares that we can no longer see
those gifts of grace in the world?

So why on earth should a bird or a bee
make any difference to a man like me?
There’s plenty more for people to see,
so why does one thing matter?






15 Feb



Hospitality, an ancient art, is the
heartbeat of a peaceful world.

“Come, share food at my table.”
“Take shelter until the storm has passed.”
“You are welcome here.”

Hospitality holds out the hand,
takes the chance, sees deeper
than the apparant, asks no payment
in return.

It is a spiritual virtue, a cultural
necessity, a personal commitment
to the value and wellbeing of all
living things.

Not just about people, hospitality
to the earth determines the
fate of human history.  It refuses
to exploit as it heals the wounds
of hostility.

Morning Meditation

7 Feb


My recipe for morning meditation—

Sit still

Be quiet

Close your eyes for two minutes

Tell your mind to be quiet

Don’t argue with it

Open your eyes to the photograph above

Follow your imagination wherever it leads

Say “Thank You”