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Let The Banquet Begin

26 Feb

Like it or not, acknowledge it or not, believe it or not…everyone is invited to God’s abundant table.

The table is set, let the banquet begin.
Open the doors and usher them in.
The tables are bending with delicious repast,
and the wonderful moment has arrived at last.

I invited all my prosperous friends,
they promised to come to the meal and then
each one sent a note:  “Sorry, my friend,
something’s come up and I can’t attend.”

Will all this food, then, go to waste?
Not on your life!  Let’s fill this place.
Send all the servants out in the street
and have them invite everyone they meet.

The beggar, the poor, the down and out,
people that nobody cares about.
Bring them in and sit them down,
people who live in the worst part of town.

They are my guests at the banquet tonight.
Their presence here is a great delight,
for they are the ones who need this most.
So fill up the hall and let’s have a toast:

For the joy and the blessing we share this good night,
for the presence of these, often out of our sight,
our sisters and brothers who all have a place
at the festive table of mercy and grace.

Like it or not, acknowledge it or not, believe it or not…it’s true.

There Is A Time…

19 Feb


There is a time to do cartwheels on the sand
and a time to retreat,
A time to build castles and a time
to surrender them,
A time to be bold and daring and a time
to be cautious,
A time to own the moment and a time
to lose it.

It will never look exactly like this again,
so see with your spirit,
sit in awe and

Canvas will capture the scene,
your heart will capture the moment.


Sneaking Up On Silence

13 Feb

Doorway Posada

I wish I had a nickel for every time someone says to me:  “I’ve tried ‘silence’ but it doesn’t work for me.”  They usually go on to say something like:  “Yea, my phone alarm went off, reminding me that I should take time for silence, so I put the barbells down and found a corner of the gym where I could sit on the floor and I tried to be silent for about twenty minutes.  I gave up at fifteen.  Doesn’t work.  I think I’ll go do some situps next.”

Read the sign on the left door very carefully.  I think it means ‘enter the Silence in silence’.  Preparation is part of the prize.

It is frustrating and disappointing to flip the “Silence” switch and expect deep quiet to come on like a light bulb.  The journey to the center of the soul starts before you sit in a Lotus position or in your prayer chair or some other special place that is conducive to reflection and meditation.

Sneak up on Silence.  Tiptoe, don’t run.  Enter the Silence in silence.  Then, in time, you will know the joy of walking through the other door.

May it be so for you.


The Beautiful Church

7 Feb


These pews are as hard as stone!
(It had better be a short sermon.)

This church is too cold in February
and too hot in August!  Why can’t
they do something about that?

What is that moving under that bush?

Wouldn’t you think they could put up an awning!
The sun is right in my eyes.

So, where’s the organ?  We can’t sing without
an organ!

I spent $175 on these shoes and I have to
walk on gravel!

But isn’t this a beautiful church!
Don’t you just love it!
(Did you bring my cushion, Sam?)

Sacred Mountain

2 Feb

DSC_0717 (2)

When I feel weak I look to the sacred mountain
who reminds me that for centuries he has
stood in spite of circumstances and
changes in the world’s

When I feel regret because of life’s inevitable changes,
reflected in my body and my mind, I sit with the
sacred mountain and he points to the rocks and
boulders that have fallen away and found their
homes on the rugged slopes that drop down
into the valley below.  Everything changes.

I find great encouragement and comfort in my
conversations with the sacred mountain. Simply
sitting with him in a quiet moment often brings
clarity and perspective.  It is a blessing to have
a special friend who can sort through the
rubbish and find the diamond.
Yes, it’s there.