Wise Men Passing Through

22 Dec

Who are those men?  They look like Kings
in their fancy robes and jeweled rings?
Have they ever been through our town before?
I wonder what they have in store
for someone down the road?

Do you think they’re chiefs of foreign states?
Diplomats or Potentates?
They seem to watch the nighttime sky,
and I wonder why they hurry by
without a friendly word.

They must be headed for David’s town.
There’s nothing else for miles around.
But why the rush on this starry night?
What drives them on?  What heavenly sight?
Maybe that big, bright star!

That star is new in the eastern sky.
An omen, you think, for someone to die?
Perhaps it’s seen all over the earth.
Maybe it signals a great person’s birth.
I suppose we’ll never know.

News travels slow out here.

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