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12 Aug
Is your imagination available for a moment? Here you sit. Cool breeze from the ocean. The sound of seagulls passing nearby. The rhythm of wave after wave, never stopping, bathing the cliffs and the sand. Here you sit, not for a quick glance, but for a thoughtful experience of yourself as part of the scene. What do you see? What do you say? What stirs in your spirit? Imagination is a gift and a good friend. Write a story. Sing a song. Make a wish. Remember. Sit with your friend and make a memory. Encounter and experience the Sacred. Nothing is more important in your life than this moment.

Need Some Good News?

4 Aug

Poor thing! His legs are too long for his body. His ears are too big. He’s a bit awkward. Gangly. Those words used to describe a lot of my friends when I was a young teen. Me, too. But, as I was reminded: “Well, his mother loves him.” And that’s because love doesn’t look at the outside. Love has eyes that see beyond the externals…right into the heart. My teen years are long gone, but I recently stopped in front of my bathroom mirror and did a quick analysis. Quick. My hair is just about gone, my feet are flat and my middle is out of proportion to the rest of me. If “gangly” describes the little one in the photo, what’s a good word to describe me right now? Never mind. Bad idea. But the good news is “his Father loves him.” I know that for sure. That’s the message of my faith. That’s the good news of the “Good News”. Want to know something else? Maybe you’d better sit down first. Ready? So are you! In spite of…because of…because you are you. How about that!