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Island of Life

28 Apr

How long I have sought a sacred place,
a refuge and source of renewal,
a retreat from life’s unyielding pace,
demanding and tragically cruel.

I’ve climbed to the tops of ragged peaks,
explored many ancient sites,
but nothing has brought the peace I seek,
nothing gives my heart delight.

And then on the pages of a battered old book
wrapped in a tattered fleece,
I found the map my father took
when he sought this elusive peace.

Not really a map, but a cluster of words
describing the way to my goal,
transforming words I had never heard,
a message that touched my soul.

“You will never find the peace you crave
by searching across the earth.
To find the treasure you must be brave.
It’s been with you since your birth.

“What you seek is not on a mountain top,
nor in some foreign place.
All you must do is merely stop
and look to an inner space.

“There is, inherent, within humankind,
for those whose hearts are bold,
a place in which to seek and find
The Island of Life in your soul.”

So, turn away from the outward quest.
The answer lies deep within.
A place of solitude and rest,
The Island where life begins.

Courage And Strength

25 Apr
Madonna Of The Trail, one of 12 identical monuments placed across the country, from Maryland to California, honoring the bold spirit of pioneer women. Today in your spiritual reflection time, be thankful for the unhearlded gifts of the remarkable women who blazed trails and shaped the nation and the world.

One Impressive Bird

17 Apr

Little, common sparrows don’t rank very high on the “most impressive bird list.” They lack the color of the Robin, the song of the Mockingbird, the speed of the Falcon, the impressive size of the Eagle, and yet, when you get to know one,
you discover all sorts of interesting things. Like, sparrows are quick and very nimble. They sing a very nice song, one particularly suited for the sparrow community. Sparrows like to hop instead of run…who likes to run! So I’m sending around a petition that demands that sparrows be included in all considerations for the Most Impressive Bird award of 2021. I hope you will look favorably upon the uncommonly common sparrow.

What would this world be like if it produced only Woodpeckers, only Grackles, only Buzzards? Sparrows prove the point that sometimes pretty powerful things are wrapped in rather common exteriors. I’d like to be the first person
on this Saturday morning to endorse the sparrow as the replacement for the American Eagle, should that ever become a necessity. But until that special recognition day, say “good morning” to the sparrows you pass. Treat them with dignity and appreciation. Drop a few breadcrumbs along the pathway, and remember these wonderful little creatures in your prayers of thanksgiving. Consider each a winged presence of the Creative Mystery.

Light Around The Corner

13 Apr
God is light, and in God there is no darkness at all. May the Light of this new day fill you with all joy and peace in the Risen One, Jesus the Christ. And may you walk with courage along His Way.

Divine Diversity

8 Apr

And some people don’t think diversity is a good thing! Perhaps the plant world is the best place to see the mystery and magic of diversity. It is a gold mine of creativity. The loss of any one of these spectacular creations chips away an important piece of life. Of course, all of this could be said about the human race, too. Today, Lord, I will chance upon a remarkable example of divine diversity contained within a plant…or a person. I pray that my eyes will see, my heart experience, and my mouth express sincere gratitude. Amen.

Just For You

6 Apr
Do you notice anything beautiful?
This bouquet is just for you.
No, it’s not from me.
This is yours from the Cosmic Mind that
first imagined them, the Creator who
designed them, the God who looked
at them and declared:
Now, that’s good!
Enjoy them today and share them with a friend.

He Is Risen!

4 Apr

He is the Hope of the world
He is the Prince of Peace
He is the Way
He is Living Water
He is risen.
He is Risen

This Remarkable Man

2 Apr

I think I’m beginning to understand
what motivates this remarkable man.
He’s not like the others who tried to impress,
but left behind a terrible mess,
not to mention the pain their actions caused
or the times they flaunted the sacred laws.
No, Jesus is not like them.

Here’s a man who lives by faith and trust,
a principled man, one who must
speak the truth when the easier way
would be to smile and glibly say
cut a corner here, bend the rules if you can
and you will become a wealthy man
who knows the value of power.

Last week I saw him at the Beautiful Gate
explaining Torah and the spiritual state
of women and men oppressed and enslaved,
who live with no hope, yet try to be brave
as the army of Caesar and the Temple elite
threaten and bully everyone they meet.
But look what Jesus does.

He comforts the sad and consoles the weak,
heals the wounded and when he speaks
the crowds applaud and shout his name,
but I fear for his life, given his fame.
No one challenges Caesar and lives very long,
especially to suggest that Caesar is wrong.
There’s always a waiting cross.

I cautioned him the other day
but he told me quickly that he had to say
the truth, in spite of the risks involved.
Our problems, he said, are not readily solved
by giving in to the Roman regime
when our hope lies only in Yahweh’s dream,
a kingdom of justice and peace.

Yes, I think I’m beginning to understand
the purpose of this enlightened man.
He sees beyond all evil schemes.
He lives in a world of sacred dreams
that demand so much more than we’re willing to give.
He invites us to choose a new way to live.
He calls it the Kingdom of God