Archive | March, 2021

Oasis In The Desert

30 Mar

Sometimes, when you least expect it,
your find yourself standing in awe
of the oasis in the desert. Lean
against the shaded tree trunk for
a few minutes and listen to the
river’s song. Pure, clear water
carries two turtles under the
overhanging branches. As the
tree’s arching limbs move in the
afternoon breeze, speckles of
sunlight dance on the water,
diamonds demonstrating their

It is enough to refresh the
weariest traveler, to remind
each of us that in spite of
the frustrations, there are places
of peace. Along with the crushing
sadness of an unending pandemic,
the source of grief and mourning
for so many, there is still hope to
hold and promises to remember.

Supremely Good!

28 Mar
And God saw everything he had made: it was supremely good.” No disagreement here. Watch for Wonder today.

You Are Special

25 Mar

Does she know?
Is she aware of the
reality? Does she think
of herself as “average?”

She sees the other birds;
gray, black, unimpressive.
Has anyone ever told her
the truth?

You are beautiful! You have
been from your birth and
you are now. You fill the
world with that which only
you can give. Only you.

Among all the things that
live and breathe, you are
extraordinary. And I am
blessed to spend a moment
in time with you.

The Courage To Try

23 Mar

I’ve never done this before.
That’s a long way down there.
What? Jump? Now?
Wow! This is great!
This is like flying!
Legs up for the landing.
That was awesome!
Let’s do it again.

Sometimes the difficult moment
turns out to be one for the books.
Great memory, experience of growth,
just plain fun. It takes courage to live
these days and the will to try.
The joy is not always in the landing,
sometimes it’s in the jumping.
Our bodies may be earth-bound,
but our spirits love to fly.
Fear not.

The Day Of Beginnings

21 Mar

For all who have ears to hear,
take hope, for this is “The
Morning of Gladness,” this is
“The Day of Beginnings.”

I will see with the eyes of my heart.
I will be still. I will wait for
the common to burst into flame.
I will expect an experience of
genuine joy, and it will come.

In spite of my pain, out of my worry,
my heart will smile and I will sing
my song of gratitude to the
brightening eastern sky, as darkness
departs and the morning colors of
Light blend on creation’s canvas.

For all who have ears to hear,
be neither afraid nor reluctant.
This is “The Morning of Gladness.”
This is “The Day of Beginnings.”
This is your day. Hold it gently,
live it fearlessly, walk in gratitude
among the yellow daffodils.

The Narrow Way

18 Mar
Sometimes the way is narrow
and it feels like only uncertainty waits
on the other side.

Shall I try or shall I stay here?
Is what I want to obtain worth
the risk or the challenge?

The aches and pains of spiritual growth
are often associated with narrow places,
dark valleys, storms on the lake,
brokenness, paralyzing fear.

But the biggest obstacle is probably
the privilege of choice, my choice.
There it is, the narrow way,
and now I must decide.

Someone make the choice for me!
But there was silence.
Someone help me take the first step!
And a voice said
I am here.


17 Mar

I took a walk yesterday and I saw the ugliest thing!
I turned my eyes away from the pitiful giant.

I took a walk yesterday and I saw something unique.
I’ve never seen a saguaro like this,
so I took a picture of it for later study.

I took a walk yesterday and I was stopped in my tracks
by this strangely beautiful saguaro. I sat on the ground
for an hour taking in the shapes and curves and almost
mystical appearance. What a great gift to those of us
who walk this way.

Curious, isn’t it, how different eyes can see different things?

16 Mar

The earth laughs in flowers.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have lost my smile.
Don’t worry, the dandelions have it.
Tich Nhat Hanh

God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone,
but also on trees, and in the flowers
and clouds and stars.

Martin Luther

Delicate Artistry

14 Mar

The delicate artistry, so beautifully crafted,
is but one example of the abundance
of God’s gracious love
for all creation.
The One who creates, cares.
The One who cares, sustains.
The One who sustains,
walks by your side.
Thanks be to God!

Beautiful Earth

12 Mar
In spite of all the pains and problems
around us, this good Earth is a
beautiful place.
Have you noticed?
Said Thank You for the gift?