If These Walls Could Speak

17 May

Note to Self: Explain to blog viewers that the photo above and ones to follow are framed pieces of art hanging on my walls at home, that I will acknowledge the artist if I know who that is, and that the focus is on the art itself…not the shadows, reflections, or positioning of the framed piece. I haven’t figured out how to take a photo through glass. End of note to self.

Good Advice

Each of the words in this print is a sermon in itself. All are important aspects of a balanced life, and each contributes to personal spiritual growth. Think about each of them in reference to your own life.

But my focus falls on the first two words: “Take Time…” I hope we hear that suggestion literally. In the twenty-four hours allotted to each of us, we have to use time with family, work, hobbies, and all the unexpected, last-minute stuff that comes along. Sometimes that doesn’t leave much on the clock. All the more reason to “Take Time.” Another way of saying it is: “Make Time”, because time doesn’t regulate or apply itself to all my plans and schedules. I have to “take it” with intention and careful thought. Back to the words above: if I want to Read or Pray or Worship, I must “Take” time for each. I guess some people would call this scheduling, but I like to think of it as thoughtful use of this great gift called life. Time lost doesn’t return. Maturing in spirit involves lots of things, but one crucial dimension of spiritual growth is the wise stewardship of my one, single life. Take time. It is waiting to be used thoughtfully and with intention. And with gratitude.

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