If These Walls Could Speak 2

19 May

Going In Circles

Sometimes I feel like I meet myself coming and going, that life is much more circular than straight line. Maybe that’s the way it is for you, too. Well, I’ve got good news for both of us.

The strange looking circular object above is called a Labyrinth, which, according to The Labyrinth Society, is “a meandering path…leading to a center” of the design. Labyrinths date back 4,000 years or more and have been used as pathways for walking meditation. You begin at the obvious entryway and follow the narrow pathway, slowly and meditatively, until you reach the center, and the center might be, symbolically, the center of one’s self, the center of reality, the deepest part of experience where clarity and awareness are sharpest. It is basically a prayer walk, a pondering walk, that is particular for each individual. As a matter of fact, many churches have labyrinths available for community use even today.

The point is this. Most of us need times of introspection, or the deepening of our self-knowing, not to mention the need to come closer to the Creator, the Holy One, God. We are beginning to see a glimmer of recovery from the Covid 19 pandemic in many communities. It has been a very hard year for so many people, and a tragically sad year for those who have suffered directly because of the virus. We have questions, perhaps even doubts, that need to be pondered thoughtfully. I assure you that the Labyrinth’s invitation is valid today and anyone who walks this pathway with reverent determination will begin to sense the possibility of spiritual healing and spiritual growth.

One last thought. Many people have told me that when they began the walk through a Labyrinth, when they took the first steps through the entryway, they carried heavy baggage of emotional and spiritual stress, but that by the time they reached the center, the load felt lighter. There’s nothing magical about it. Along the way, maybe in the first few walks or in the 100th, you might just discover the answer, the remedy, the solution, the hope, the insight you have sought. Perhaps you will meet yourself. Perhaps the very center of your spiritual longing. I wish you good walking.

P.S. The Labyrinth above is a miniature of a full-sized Labyrinth. You could use a small pointed object, like a pencil point, and follow the pattern to the center. Or, you might check around the community for a full-sized Labyrinth and get the benefit of some good exercise while you meditate. Try tracing the pattern above to see how the design works. I hope it becomes an important part of your spiritual growth.

One Response to “If These Walls Could Speak 2”

  1. gz May 19, 2021 at 7:44 pm #

    Your words also work.

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