What is real? How do I know?

8 May

When I first saw this remarkable place, I thought to myself: what is real and what is reflection? Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between the two. And that’s why, for me, it’s important to remember the word: discernment. I sat on the river’s edge for several minutes before the two dimensions separated and it became clear which was still water and which was the real tree. Discerning means no taking part in quick, snap decisions. No major life choices without the pondering. And discernment is a spiritual practice, also. Sitting on the river bank wasn’t such a big deal. It was lovely and emotionally moving, but of no particular life value. I thought of the moment as a gift. Maybe it would be wise to have this same attitude…the moment is a gift. And for the gift, we say thank you and we treat each major decision in our lives as a spiritual quest for truth which guides us toward an answer or solution consistent with our Christian faith.

Enjoy the surprises when they pop into your life. But when the major decisions come along, take time to listen to both your heart and your mind. Don’t hurry. Sit with the Spirit. Discern.

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