If These Walls Could Speak 3

23 May
The third in a series of hanging art in my home.
If These Walls Could Speak….and they do.

Messages from the painting:

*The simple painting, “Country Road” by B. Herd, is one of my visual connections with Home. Home. What a nice word. What a profound word for just being four letters. I guess little things really can pack a big punch. Next time you sit down for a quiet moment, go back home in your mind. Be grateful for roots.

*Maybe you’ve walked gravel roads like this one. I find it very inviting, and very peaceful. I can hear the gravel crunch and I can feel the earth beneath my feet. But what this road says to me is…let’s go. It’s an invitation to journey, in a sense an invitation to live life as a pilgrim. Spiritually, we are people of The Way. We are sails, not anchors, and the Wind moves the ship.

*If you are a walker, you know the value of shade on a hot, humid afternoon. Perhaps it would be a good idea to pause for a few moments in the shade of that old Oak Tree in front of us. What a lovely tree. Oaks are known for their strength…great place for a Tree House, strong limbs. I’m thankful this morning for the human Oaks in my life, the strong influences in my past and the Oaks right now who model the best in human beings. A blessing.

*I could go on, but the point I want to make is that this fine painting is a spiritual statement. Home, the journey, strength, the earth, peace…it’s filled with the essential ingredients of faith and life. If these walls could speak…they do.
By the way, what do you hear from your walls?

One Response to “If These Walls Could Speak 3”

  1. gz May 23, 2021 at 6:49 am #

    Thanks for helping me go back Home. It was a trip of gratitude. The ‘foundation’ people I visited where just as helpful, supportive and kind as I remember them.

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