Even Though

15 Mar

My Friend reassured me:  “even though you get
lost in the darkest, deepest canyon
I will find you.”

Don’t worry.

I told my beautiful child:  “even though you make
mistakes or use poor judgment,
I will never stop
loving you.”

Be yourself.

My wife said to me:  “even though you left your
dirty socks on the bathroom floor, forgot to pick
up the cleaning, and overlooked the flashing
yellow warning light on the dashboard,
I’m stuck with you.
I love you.”

It’s all about “even though”, isn’t it;
Living from a deeply spiritual place is all
about “even though.”

Even though…
–the mountains rumble and roar, I won’t be afraid;
–the day is filled with reports of suffering and
injustice, I will work against them;
–I question some of my long held beliefs
and traditions, I will trust;
–I wonder about the future,
given the present,
I will hope.
–I feel so unloved and unlovable,
I am loved.

It’s all about “Even Though”, isn’t it.


One Response to “Even Though”

  1. Judy Boroto March 15, 2018 at 2:51 pm #

    Thought-provoking and comforting at the same time.

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