Night School

24 Mar


“in the night also my heart instructs me.”   Psalm 16.7

When the sun has begun her slow descent
and darkness waits impatiently in the wings,
the bedside candle flameless and
covers pulled chin high,
a lesson is about to begin.
School is in session.

Sometimes in the early morning hours,
after a few nods of sleep,
I sense my heart speaking of the
day just done:
remembering and reminding,
consoling and confronting.
I hear the voiceless heart murmurs
in my soul, feel the tension
between love and indifference,
honesty and deception,
trust and betrayal.
The night’s lesson is both
a challenge and a caress,
always wrapped in love.

My mind asks gleefully to join the
conversation, ready with caveats
and excuses.  But minds are
not enrolled — too adamant,
too defensive.

Perhaps one day the night
lessons will end.  Course complete.
Graduation.  I doubt it.  Life won’t allow it.


Roger Pierce

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