The Universe Applauds

20 Mar


We share the pain of our friends
when suffering comes.
“What horrible thing has happened
to you?”  He stood silently.  No response.
“What savage attack have you

Fixed on the jagged wound,
I sat by his side in painful silence.
Soon a playful wind invited the leaves
above me to dance and as branches
swayed with the celestial music, little
healing droplets of sunshine fell upon
my shoulders, gifts from a brilliant blue sky.
In the midst of it all, a faint soul whisper
rose in my saddened spirit.
“See with your heart.”
A transition from mind to heart, an
intentional shift from thinking to being.

Heart vision doesn’t change the object
seen, only the one who sees.  Heart vision
reformats the world and in that world I
float in the exhilaration of living rather
than sitting trapped in the suffering of
brokenness.  In the Heart World birds build
nests in his strong arms.  Lovers sit in the
cool shade of his glorious emerald canopy.
Winter snows wrap him in brilliant white
robes, and he laughs when the wind tickles
and teases.  With the wound and in spite of
the wound he lives.

He stands in his brokenness not with
resentment but with a resolute determination
to be, and all the while the universe applauds.


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