Three Words

30 Aug

Walking through the historic section of the small Colorado town, I saw the remains of a distant era, signs from the past. The old fire truck with lots of miles on it but not much paint. Construction from decades ago, still standing but crumbling around the edges. Then, turn the next corner and you are face to face with the 21st century’s gift to the legacy world, the T-Shirt shop. I kept walking. But a few minutes later I was stopped in my tracks by the sign shown above. Three remarkable words. I don’t know what the San Juan Rangers do, but I’d join up just because of their bold declaration. Honor. Integrity. Commitment. How would this world be different if we plastered those words on signs everywhere, the result of having a new heart and a transformed life. I know, signs don’t change people, but I can tell you what does. Those three words are the consequence of a realization: God lives within me. The Christ of creation is inherent in my being. I didn’t cause it, and I can’t change it. And this awareness, taken seriously, causes me to take down the old signs — Me, My Way, and Maybe — and put up new ones as my life’s identity: Honor, Integrity, Commitment. The man who told me that God resides within my being lived by these three words, taught the idea to anyone who would listen, and demonstrated them at the end of his life. People follow the Way of Jesus in many ways and for many reasons. Some do so because he has transformed hearts, minds, and perspectives. Once you realize that you are the living vessel of what he called The Kingdom of God by virtue of your humanity, the old signs come down and new ones go up: Honor, Integrity, Commitment. Following His way leaves the old behind, dares the new, and hopes eternally. Many thanks to the San Juan Rangers, whoever you are, for your sign to me as I walked through history. Where do I sign up?

One Response to “Three Words”

  1. Susan August 30, 2022 at 6:39 am #

    Wondering which town you were in?

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