Night Sky Painting

25 Aug

In the almost dark of night, the Mountain said: “Let the cloak of night fall over us and bring us peace and rest.” And in moments, lights went out in houses, cars vanished from the streets and the earth was silent. Sun, hearing Mountain’s wish, said to himself: “I will give one last display of my presence and my power. I will burst through that reluctant opening in the clouds, just there over the peak of the Mountain, and I will demonstrate the Beauty that I possess.” And within moments, stunning reds and oranges and yellows exploded through the cloud opening. Astonishing beauty. Watching and listening to both Mountain and Sun, the vast expanse of Sky smiled knowingly and whispered: “Watch this.” Then with one stroke of a celestial brush, Sky painted a jagged line across the dark canvas, over the Mountain, momentarily startling, there and gone. The Human saw it all, everything detonated at once, quite by chance and good fortune, never again to be seen in exactly this configuration. One blink and the fullness of Beauty was away to another moment in another place. On a dark and foreboding night, when ominous clouds hide the Moon and there is a hint of stirring in the air, that’s the time to pull the chair near the window, sit undisturbed, wait. Something good happens for those who wait, watch, and look through eyes of wonder. The Artist does remarkable work. Regard it all as a gift. Receive it all with gratitude. You’ve just experienced The Sacred.

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