Right Here! Right Now!

19 Aug

I have a friend who signs off on all his emails with: “Find a need and fill it.” That’s pursuing life, not waiting for it to come to you. That’s active and intentional. But the “finding” and the “filling” can’t be done unless you know where you are and until you connect with the moment. That is, until I am more aware of this moment and its possibilities than I am of myself and my own desires. To live “in the moment” is to be aware of life at a deeper level than routine and ritual. The sign in the picture above was painted on the side of a building, and I think it expresses the core issue in living an intentional life. “I am exactly where I need to be at this moment.” Not in yesterday or tomorrow, not in what might have been, not in regrets or the dream of tomorrow’s rewards…but right here, right now. How can I live this moment with joy, purpose and integrity? To the person who thinks: “I’ll try that tomorrow. Why the sense of urgency?” I reply: Sit back, take a deep breath and think about what you just said. Those “lilies of the field” don’t last forever.

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