The Day Of Beginnings

21 Mar

For all who have ears to hear,
take hope, for this is “The
Morning of Gladness,” this is
“The Day of Beginnings.”

I will see with the eyes of my heart.
I will be still. I will wait for
the common to burst into flame.
I will expect an experience of
genuine joy, and it will come.

In spite of my pain, out of my worry,
my heart will smile and I will sing
my song of gratitude to the
brightening eastern sky, as darkness
departs and the morning colors of
Light blend on creation’s canvas.

For all who have ears to hear,
be neither afraid nor reluctant.
This is “The Morning of Gladness.”
This is “The Day of Beginnings.”
This is your day. Hold it gently,
live it fearlessly, walk in gratitude
among the yellow daffodils.

One Response to “The Day Of Beginnings”

  1. singingcowgirl March 22, 2021 at 12:27 pm #

    Karen Hustad had no idea you have these marvelous blogs, pastor Roger. When we met for lunch recently, I told her about your blog and forwarded a few to her.
    My family and friends enjoy ALL your blogs!
    Praying you and all are well and continue to be.
    In His hands,

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