The Narrow Way

18 Mar
Sometimes the way is narrow
and it feels like only uncertainty waits
on the other side.

Shall I try or shall I stay here?
Is what I want to obtain worth
the risk or the challenge?

The aches and pains of spiritual growth
are often associated with narrow places,
dark valleys, storms on the lake,
brokenness, paralyzing fear.

But the biggest obstacle is probably
the privilege of choice, my choice.
There it is, the narrow way,
and now I must decide.

Someone make the choice for me!
But there was silence.
Someone help me take the first step!
And a voice said
I am here.

One Response to “The Narrow Way”

  1. gz March 18, 2021 at 7:30 am #

    Sometimes the steps are small in the narrow way.

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