9 Jan

Tough second shot!
Is that a 6-iron? 8-iron? Baseball bat?
Life can be pretty challenging, can’t it.
I guess that’s an understatement in the midst of
a Pandemic and political pandemonium.
And so I remind myself, and you, that what
seems like an overwhelming, unmanageable
challenge can become bearable, at least, when
we remember roots and relationships. Our
roots are planted in the courageous hope of
our faith demonstrated in the life of
Jesus, and our blessing in hard times
is in relationships with people who care,
love, and support. Friends. The One who
said “I call you friend” and the ones who
live in community with us and support us
in very practical ways.
Whatever your circumstance today,
be thankful for roots and relationships.
By the way, I think it’s a 3 wood.

One Response to “Fore!”

  1. gz January 9, 2021 at 8:19 am #

    Thanks for the uplift and don’t take a divot.

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