We Affirm

12 Jan

As children of God, we affirm:
that God, who is Love, created all and called it good,
that God is present with all of creation and that,
in darkness and in light, God is faithful;
therefore we, too, seek to be faithful.

That Jesus came to show us Love with a human face,
that he taught justice and reconciliation and suffered on our behalf,
and that through his faithful example, he embodies hope;
therefore we, too, seek to be people of justice, reconciliation and hope.

That the Holy Spirit guides and accompanies us,
that this same Spirit offers wisdom and discernment,
and that, when we are open, the Spirit can always find a way;
therefore we seek to be people filled with God’s Spirit,
discerning, loving and transforming our world. Amen.

(Daily Prayer for all Seasons, Church Publishing, pp 84-85)

One Response to “We Affirm”

  1. Sharon Ragland January 12, 2021 at 8:36 am #

    Hi Roger,  Good morning!  Do you think I can use this in worship sometime soon, as long as I give credit to “Daily Prayer for All Seasons”?  Blessings, Sharon

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