7 Jan

I am a jigsaw Puzzleist.
I specialize in Puzzleology.
A year ago, I wouldn’t get near a puzzle.
Who wants to just sit there and look for the
backend of a cow or one piece of green grass
among hundreds? Well, I do now. It like creation
all over again. Let there be a red pickup!
Do you think… No, never mind.
Anyway, I look forward now to the challenges
and the pleasures of Puzzleology.
Some puzzle scenes are so lovely, so inviting
that I don’t want to tear them up, destroy
such a lovely creation.

What happened yesterday in D.C. was an
expression of strongly held values fanned
into flame and set loose on the community to
denounce and demand and even destroy.
Nothing creative, constructive or
compassionate about it. Destruction is a lot
easier than creation. Hours of painstaking
effort to build the puzzle. Ten seconds to
destroy it.

Here’s the point.
We have an ethical, moral and spiritual stake
in this puzzle creation called a nation-community.
This puzzle is never quite finished. Some pieces
are clearly in the wrong places, bad fit, and they
need to be changed. The picture is not finished,
maybe it never will be. It is certainly not perfect.

But, then, neither are the Puzzleologists. Working
together, recognizing that all the pieces are
different but essential, building something
beautiful by sharing resources, and exchanging
wisdom, experience, and insights will help
us create something wonderful, something
we can all claim because we built it together.
Out of a heap of incoherent confusion
comes a loveliness that appeals to us all.
Whatever your understanding about God,
may that Creative Force remind us that
community is better than confusion and
conflict, and that each of us who claim a
place in The Way of Jesus are bound by
spiritual principles and teachings that are
guidelines for personal and community
creation. Some people believe that God
continues to create and that we are
co-creators with the ongoing Sacred
effort. Well, in the Spirit of Christ,
let’s work on this puzzle together,
resolving our differences, valuing
each other’s insights, communicating
compassionately, sharing the effort
toward a common goal.

Yesterday is yesterday. It has no place
in the ongoing creative process of putting
together the pieces of a community. God
give us courage to be creative and
compassion to care.

May it be so. Amen.

One Response to “Puzzleology”

  1. gz January 7, 2021 at 8:27 am #

    Here’s another AMEN to that!

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