I’ll Be In Touch

6 Jan

Love your enemies
Do good to anyone who hates you
Pray for all who mistreat you
Offer your other cheek when slapped
Give your shirt to the one who takes your coat
Give without asking for anything to be returned
If you judge you will be judged
If you condemn you will be condemned
Forgive and you will be forgiven
Treat people the way you want them to treat you

So, this is the complete list?
This is what will be expected of me?
Just to be perfectly clear, if I sign on to
join you, can I start with the easiest one?
And tell me, please, which one would that be?

I see. Well, give me a couple of days and I’ll
get back to you. I’ve got some other options
I need to think about. You understand, right?
Can’t rush into these things.
Got to think things through carefully.
I’ll be in touch.

By the way, there’s not a beginner’s list, is there?
No, well, I just thought I’d ask.
So, like I said: I’ll be in touch.

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