Path Of Light

30 Dec

One of my favorite photos. So much to think about if you take the time to really look. So much spiritual blessing waiting for anyone who will use creative imagination and ask of the self: What does this photo say to me about my faith? See how many questions you can create after looking at the picture. List some of the insights about meaning that come into your mind. Look at the picture for one minute without being distracted, then close your eyes, let the picture remain in your brain and your heart while you speak words of prayer…prayer suggested by the picture you see.

Finally, imagine that you are walking along this path, following the light. You reach the top of the hill, pass the tree on the left, and there standing on the same path but previously unseen is Jesus. He invites you to sit for a little while, a couple of smooth boulders are just there and you sit together. What would you talk about?

May peace fill your heart, hope motivate your actions, and courage go before you.

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