Shhh! Please

31 Dec

Well, Christmas is over. Packages unwrapped. Christmas tree is laying on its side in the backyard, waiting for a ride to the grinder. The whole house has been “de-Christmased” so I think I’ll take a nap.

I’m a strong advocate of napping. My good friend in the chair has the right idea. She is an electric wire when she’s awake, especially when friends stop by for a visit. She runs and twists, slides across the tile floor, and then comes back for more. If I tried what she does, with that same energy level, you’d have to come visit me in the local hospital. High energy beings need restoring rest. Maybe you know one. Maybe you are one.

So I ask you to consider how your life is balanced or, I hope not, unbalanced. Balance is the issue. Some people take pride in having “too much to do”. Others are bored, even or especially in the pandemic days.
Is there a middle way between exhaustion because of too much to do and exhaustion because of not enough to do? And the answer is yes. It’s called a “balanced life”…a life that takes into account the genuine need for
rest and renewal (naps) along with a need to be creatively involved in activities that provide meaning and ask a measure of physical and mental involvement. Physical life balance, and Spiritual life balance.

So, how would you characterize your life right now, in these unusual days? Are you living on the extremes or in the center. This is not a new idea, but it’s a good one. Examine your days and see if you are living in either extreme. And, yes, it’s hard to know where the “center” is in pandemic days, but it’s there. And, yes, this same message is echoed not only in science but also in most major religions of the world. It is clearly in the Good News that Jesus brought. So, here’s the challenge. Look at a whole week, not just one day, and try to determine your “balance average”. Rest and renewal collaborating with creative involvement equals balance.

And if the exercise is tedious and exhausting, climb up in that big stuffed chair, close your eyes and take a nap. Happy Involvement! and Sweet Dreams. And may a sense of peaceful balance be at your center, the companion of the Abiding Spirit.

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