When Did He Know?

29 Dec

When did he know? When was it clear?
Did Mary tell her son what he needed to hear?
Did she talk about shepherds who knelt in the hay?
Or Magi gifts left there that day?
As Jesus grew to be a man, did Mary take him by the hand
and tell him about old Simeon’s joy as he cradled that beautiful baby boy?
Or, Anna’s remarks that same special day when the crowd in the Temple
heard her say: Behold, our Redeemer is here!

When did he know? When was it clear?
Did he ever worry or stand in fear
that the danger was great
from the cruel Roman state?
Did he ever wonder about his fate?

He spent long hours in searching prayer,
wondered how much he could truly bear
of the venomous hate that dogged his way.
Did he have the courage to speak out and say:
Follow me and I’ll show you life!

There are no answers to these questions of mine.
I choose to believe that the powerful sign
heard as he rose from the Jordan’s flow
was exactly what he needed to know.
This is my Son; I set him apart.
Follow his way to your home in my heart.

One Response to “When Did He Know?”

  1. gz December 29, 2020 at 8:42 am #

    With your beliefs, I think you correctly surmise the answers to the questions that within your arise.

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