For These Things, I Am Thankful

10 Dec

Morning prayer. 4:36 a.m.

Lord, I am grateful this morning for the following things.
Let me know when you’re ready to copy.

I am grateful for…my friends and most of my acquaintances;
my cell phone that keeps me in touch with all the
news that I’m not grateful for; beautiful mountains and
starry skies; my church, even though I can’t remember
what it looks like because of this wretched virus, for which
definitely I am not thankful; memories of my pal
Maggie May who is somewhere chasing tennis balls
right now (Hi Maggie May); my tolerant wife and
my beautiful children, and the delete
key on my computer.

Delete: to strike out, remove, cancel, erase, or expunge.
I didn’t care for the photo above so I hit the key.
Lord, I can think of a lot of uses for
that key in my life: in politics (Yes!), in
religion (Sometimes), mosquitos and
brussels sprout; rampant injustices; people
who insist on driving 25 in the inside lane
of a 45 mph street. How about this, Lord:
Lord, how about installing Delete Buttons on
human beings in the future
so we can just

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