Life Lessons

9 Dec

Isn’t it amazing how animals…all sorts…know instinctively how to adapt to a locale or environment. Of course, I guess Mom has a role to play in the little ones’ development. Modeling. Instructing. “Pay attention, Henrietta.” This little dove knows that on a cold, December morning it feels good to fluff your feathers so they become a warm blanket. Momma was a good teacher.

What life lessons do you remember? Who helped you through those learning years when you used to put your left shoe on your right foot, thinking you knew how to do it? How many times have you heard, or said, “I know how to do this”, only to find out that there might be a better way to water the indoor plants than pulling the garden hose inside the house…true story. I’ve lived a long time, but I’m still learning about life from other people and from life’s experiences. I don’t think we ever stop learning, at least being offered opportunities to learn. Whether we recognize the offer or agree to accept it is a different matter.

You can teach an old dog new tricks, as long as the old dog has an inquisitive mind, one that’s open to signals of change and potential growth. It’s the same with God. Lots of opportunities to grow in spirit and faith, but only for those who treat life like a creative journey, not a holding pattern. Airplanes circle the runway waiting their turn to land…round and round. But life is not circular. It is a meandering journey through wonder and awe. Thank God!

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