The Dinner Guest

12 Dec

He did what? That nice young man?
And after all you have done for him!
You must have felt so humiliated.

I agree. I would never invite him
to my home again. Never.
It was fitting for Hannah to
bring her cousin, a lovely and
respectable girl. And your other
guests, accompanied by honorable
friends, all at your invitation. What
a nice gesture on your part.

But this rude young man! Has he
no understanding of social custom?
To bring that riff-raff into your home
is inexcusable. A beggar! A smelly
street person!

I agree with you completely. I will
never invite him to my home. And,
may I suggest that the next time
you see him, simply say: “Jesus,
you are no longer on my social

I hope he learns a lesson, because
this kind of behavior will not serve
him well. Indeed!

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