3 Dec

Good morning to the silent darkness of the new day.
In time you will give way to soft light,
then the brilliance of the winter sun.
You are valued, a friend in our restoring.
You are an essential part of this brand new day.

Good morning to all waking animals.
Thank you for sharing the earth
with us. You are valued for your
uniqueness and your beauty. You
are an essential part of this dawning day.

Good morning mountains and valleys.
How extraordinary you are!
You remind us of creation’s diversity,
the lush valleys and the stark mountains.
You are an essential part of this dawning day.

Good morning to all the fields of grain,
ancient forests, and life-giving oceans.
You are valued. You give us visions of
beauty that feed our souls. You are
an essential part of this dawning day.

And good morning to you, friend known
and unknown. You and I travel through
this day with confident courage and
humble awareness that we have the
option to create or destroy, to look
ahead to what might be or to look
back and live in the anguish of yesterday.

Decide now to choose life, not death;
to be alive in the moment, not lost in
fears and failures; to give love and to
receive it. Look! The light comes!

Say good morning to the new day.
It is a gift to you.
Hold it carefully.
Live it wisely.

One Response to “Appreciate”

  1. singingcowgirl December 3, 2020 at 1:05 pm #

    I am recover from pneumonia and secondary lung infection. So appreciate your post today! No longer on meds that made me nauseous and dizzy. I have been and continue to be blessed throughout this illness, and am blessed beyond deserving. Thank and praise to God for his mercy endures forever. Be well pastor Roger and all loved ones Carol Munk Advent Blessings

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