Constant Friend

2 Dec

Uninvited guests can be a blessing
or a bother. Sometimes it’s “O boy!” and
at other times it’s “O NO! Not you again.”

The grim guest I’m thinking of at the moment
is named “What if?” He likes to sneak up behind
me and whisper over my shoulder, “What if you
make a mistake, a really big one? What if you
suddenly speak Norwegian and nobody can
understand you? Or, what if a meteor hits you
on the head? Or…O my…what if your best friend
turns out to be a Republican/Democrat, Progressive/
Conservative, you know, one of those? What if…”

“What if?” is persistent but he’s really not a
problem. And that’s because he’s a phony,
a momentary madness. When I introduce him
to reality, to truth, he wanders off to pick on
somebody else.

But he’ll be back. He gets a little charge out
of pestering me, I guess. In the end, truth always
wins out…and faith.

“What if all this religion stuff is bogus?”
And I reply, “Let me introduce you to my friend
whose Way is Truth.” Old “What if?” shuffles off,
but no worry. My friend is always around.

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