A Doorway To Spiritual Awareness

4 Dec

The wonderful illustration above is an Icon, defined by the dictionary as “the representation of a sacred personage.” Icons have been in existence for many centuries and are used even now as portals to another world of spirituality. People who meditate with an Icon usually spend quiet time looking at the drawing until it invites them into a deeper level of understanding or awareness.

As a window or a portal, the Icon is a very valuable resource for someone wanting to probe new dimensions of spiritual consciousness. Let’s spend a moment with the Icon above, and let me make a couple of observations. What quickly comes to mind is the biblical story of Joseph, Mary and the infant Jesus in their flight to Egypt when Herod announced the deaths of all male children of a certain age. So, the portal opens for someone who follows the thought pathway of the stressful journey. Think and pray about a fearful journey you have undertaken. Pray for those who are now on such a journey. Let your mind and your heart feel the stress of such an experience. Or, look at their faces. No smiles, no happy countenance. Individually each one feels the dangerous threat. The portal opens and invites you into prayerful meditation on the fears that drive us to run and on the comfort we have in Christ. Or, look at the donkey. Head down, moving very slowly, carrying a heavy burden. See how this works. The Icon pulls you into the story and you become a character, a player.

Sure, it takes practice to feel comfortable with this form of spirituality. But it is worth the effort.

Might I suggest, also, that any object can invite you into spiritual meditation. Trees, the mountain,
a flower, birds nesting — just about anything can issue the invitation for a grand experience of touching the Holy through the ancient practice of spiriting looking. Try it. Not just once. Try it until the portal opens and you are invited in. Like I said, well worth the effort.

2 Responses to “A Doorway To Spiritual Awareness”

  1. gz December 4, 2020 at 7:58 pm #

    Even a coffee cup – right?

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