Bloom Where You Are

3 May

IMG_0494 (3)

look around
try all directions
especially inside and
see glory, beauty and blessing.
Don’t glance.

If you
are standing in
a beautiful palace
or on a little patch of life
do the right and the good
bloom where you are
Be blessing for
your world

It doesn’t
take a lot of resources
Even a little rich soil under
all the rocks will do.  Plant roots
look up, smile at the world, dance
in the Spirit wind.  You are the only
you around, unique, beautiful and gifted.
Someone needs you today, needs who you
are and what you are.  You just don’t know who
that person is.  You don’t have to.
Just bloom where you are.
Leave the rest to God.
Let the Spirit shine.
You are the gift.






One Response to “Bloom Where You Are”

  1. TS May 3, 2020 at 2:23 pm #

    These reflections are so precious to me. Remind me of my mother. I am sending a portion of this to our Compassion child in Kenya. Blooming here….

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